Do you often have a hunch that nine times out of ten comes true? Can you tell if someone is lying to you or not telling you the whole truth? Do you usually make the right turn at unfamiliar crossroads? If you answered yes to these, you are quite intuitive! If you said no, perhaps you want to develop your intuition further.

We are all born with intuition, but not everyone can use it to their advantage, and not everyone trusts their intuition either. So if you want to easily recognize the times your gut is trying to tell you something and when it does, to trust it, then hopefully our tips will help you.

Meditate and Practice Mindfulness

One of the best ways to strengthen your intuition is to practice mindfulness. It’s about being focused on the current moment and knowing that it’s what matters the most right now. You only observe things as they are without judgment and tune out everything else. When you are mindful, you are more in tune with yourself. You know when to pause and listen to yourself before you react. You can practice mindfulness through meditation.

Find time to sit or lie down silently and focus your attention on your breathing or surroundings or a thought that’s been bothering you. It’s challenging when you have just started, so listening to guided meditation is helpful. Commit to doing it daily until mindfulness becomes natural to you, which will help you trust your intuition more.

Take Time for Introspection

To be highly intuitive, you should spend time being self-aware, emotionally and physically. Ask yourself what are you feeling, reflect on how your day goes, and find ways to release your feelings or express yourself.

Find someone you can trust and talk to about your thoughts and feelings, and don’t be ashamed of sharing your emotions. When you check in with yourself regularly throughout the day and reflect on how you are feeling at that moment, it helps you know how you feel in certain situations. When something happens, you will know when you can trust that feeling. You will recognize your intuition even before you can make sense of it.

Seek Solitude

You can also develop your intuition better when you spend some time alone. Seek solitude, and recharge. Just let your mind wander and be open. When you are alone, you only have to listen to yourself. It removes all the mental clutter and gives you enough space for your intuition to surface so you can learn to recognize it and tune into it better. When you are alone you can avoid hearing what others think or say you should do.

Be Around the Right People

Your environment also contributes to how you develop your intuition. If you are in an unsupportive setting, you are more likely to shut down your inner voice and not follow your intuition.

You need to be deliberate about the people you want to be around. Hang out with the right people who can support you and provide you with encouragement and motivation. You need people who can empower you and respect your decisions, and accept your intuitive feelings as your own.

Experience New Things

Expanding your horizon, environment, and experiences is crucial to strengthening your intuition. When you keep doing the same things over and over again, you are limited to those situations. Therefore, it is important to experience new things. Don’t be afraid to explore and go on adventures. These experiences will allow you to learn new things, which can fuel your intuition to a higher level.

Be True to Yourself

Strong intuition is also hinged on your authenticity. You need to be true to yourself, which boosts your self-awareness. You need to believe in what you stand for, what you want and need, and your values. All these can help develop your intuition.

It takes conscious and constant efforts to fully develop your intuition. Strong intuition can help you reach your full potential and give you amazing insights. You will learn not to follow your intuition blindly, but to have a clear understanding of when to trust it.