You can start learning about most everything for free. You can access blogs, TED talks, iTunes University or books at the local library to get started.

But eventually, if you find something that you are passionate about and want to learn more or develop your skills further, you will probably need to pay for the privilege. What if you don’t have room in your budget for learning? Try these ways to finance it.

Sell Your Stuff

We all have stuff sitting around our homes that could be used by someone else. This not only cuts down on clutter, but puts some cash in your pocket. Sell your stuff on Craig’s List, Ebay or Amazon and put all the proceeds away to spend on learning more about your current passion.

Teach Stuff

Many of us have a job that doesn’t encompass all of our talents. Do you have a gift that you could teach? Teaching a musical instrument, tutoring children, giving beginning golf instruction…these are just a few things that you could teach. You get to spend time teaching someone about something you love while you make money at it–money that will fund learning something new.


Not everyone thinks about bartering anymore, but it’s a great way to get stuff you want or need without having cold, hard cash. Talk to instructors to see if they would be open to bartering your services for theirs. Maybe they need some handyman work done around their house, and they would be thrilled to have you do it in exchange for some lessons that you couldn’t otherwise afford.

Start an Online Ebay or Etsy Store

If you have physical or digital items you could sell, you could start an online store. Ebay and Etsy have thousand of people visit them everyday looking for unique items which you could supply. Think about what you already have a lot of or what you could get your hands on easily. For example, all of those antique bud vases that are just gathering dust in your attic could finance lots of learning.

Join Fiverr

If you don’t know about Fiverr, you are missing out. It’s an online storeplace where people sell their products and services for five bucks. You can find anything on Fiverr, including practical services and crazy, fun stuff. For instance, you can find people who will dress up in a clown costume and sing a personalized birthday diddy to your friend. Get creative and come up with things you could do or sell for $5.