What Is a Vision Board and How Should I Use It?Vision boards are used by thousands of people around the world to focus on the things they want and aspire towards. These boards are very powerful tools that are used together with the law of attraction to attract whatever your heart desires.

A vision board can be any board that you place on a wall and you can attach photos, words, motivational graphics, etc. to keep you hopeful and in faith. Vision boards could be white boards, cork boards… or if you’re on a tight budget, even cardboard boards will do.

As long as you can affix images of the goals you desire or words that help to infuse you with faith, the board will do. It’s not the type of board that matters. What truly matters is the belief, faith and how you align your thought with your innermost desires.

That said, there are a few helpful pointers that you need to know:

Know What You Want

This is the most important point. Many people have an image of success that really doesn’t gel with their interests. They believe what they see on TV. The fast cars, fast women, mansions and basically the lifestyle of a rapper.

Most people would be satisfied with a decent house that is fully paid for. That’s what they truly want. By affixing a photo of a movie star’s mansion, there will be an internal disconnect within themselves.

Their mind will tell them, ‘it’s too extravagant’ or ‘you’ll never afford it’, etc. And since it’s not what they really want, they’ll not have the belief and faith to bring it to reality.

What they want is security and to be debt free. So, a better picture would be a nice house that is affordable and just slightly out of their reach. Add photos of objects or goals that you can fully believe that you can achieve.

It may be out of reach now… but it must seem possible. Even with the law of attraction, it’s best to do it in stages. Once you achieve the smaller goals, your faith will increase and you’ll be able to attract the bigger things.

Keep It Plain and Simple

Keep your vision board simple and fuss-free. Don’t fix a hundred photos on it and make it overcrowded. It should be neat and you just want to focus on the important things. Even if all you have are 3 things on the board, if you focus and visualize, you’ll get them. It’s better to have 3 goals that materialize than 303 goals that never come to fruition.

Make It Easily Accessible

The board also needs to be easily accessible so that you can look at it daily. Don’t make a vision board with all your dreams attached to it and place the board in a closet in your mother-in-law’s house.

You want the board to be in a place that is easily accessible and you should look upon it several times a day if possible. You don’t need to obsess over it… but you do need to spend some time looking at the items you want or the goals you have and ‘feel’ as if you have them.

That’s the whole point of a vision board. They are there to remind you of what you want and that you need to constantly feel that you have whatever you desire.

Start a vision board today and use it to boost your visualization so that the law of attraction will work in your favor at an accelerated pace.