Achieving our goals is so important to us that we normally can’t live without a planner. We make endless lists and plans to make sure that we accomplish them as we go about our days, months, and even years. But aside from listing and writing things down, another very effective tool that doesn’t get utilized enough is a vision board.

A vision board is a visualization tool and sometimes it is also known as a dream board. It is composed of images and text that you deliberately choose and set up on a tangible board to keep you motivated and inspired in your journey. Vision boards represent our goals visually and are intended to help us constantly keep our goals at the forefront of our mind.

Utilizing a vision board correctly is important for making it an effective tool. It needs to be placed somewhere you can see it daily and more importantly it has to elicit expectant and positive feelings within you every time you see it.

Using our emotions will ultimately keep the vision board effective. Without emotion, it will just be a collage of photos that don’t mean anything to us nor will it have any power to bring about new realities and experiences into our lives.

How to Use a Vision Board Correctly

The key to making a vision board effective is our feelings. A vision board is a visual representation of our dreams and desires – the things that give us a sense of purpose, hope, and direction in our lives. They work as allies in making our dreams a reality.

Our lives are filled with distractions. Going about life and facing reality every day will sway us and our emotions in potentially every direction. Without constant reminders, we are likely to forget the dreams we once held. Due to our inbuilt negative bias, it also makes it doubly hard to keep motivated when things are not going well.

Vision boards can serve as our anchor, as they will be our reminder, reaffirming the positive beliefs we have in our minds constantly. All vision boards are unique and in fact, there is no rule to making it, except for one thing – you have to use your feelings with it. The vision board you create must elicit excitement and positive emotions within you.

Benefits of Using a Vision Board

Here are more of the benefits of using a vision board and why they are effective in helping us achieve our goals and realize our dreams.

Vision Boards Keep You Motivated

Motivation is important, but it is a fact that most people do not wake up with a constant supply of it, without making an effort. Those who are constantly motivated actually work to keep their motivation high, whether we see it or not.

A vision board is a motivational tool, as much as it is a visualization tool, which reminds us of the reasons why we work hard for something. Your wildest dreams being in front of you is reason enough to wake up excited and hyped for a brand new day.

Vision Boards Sustain Positivity Amidst Challenges

We’re emotional beings and much of the time, our emotions direct our actions. That is why despite your better judgment, retail shopping or eating ice cream for example, often serve as comfort when you feel sad. While it’s impossible to be positive 100% of the time, it’s worth the effort to try to stay positive and hopeful no matter what situations look like in front of us.

Vision boards are a constant reminder of better days ahead. They often put a smile on our faces. They help to bring us to the moments when we finally see our dreams coming to life, and that is a moment to be excited about, live, and fight for.

Vision Boards are an Effective Visualization Tool to Bring the Changes We Seek

A vision board is essentially a visualization tool that can help us realize our dreams and achieve our goals sooner than we think is possible. The process of visualization itself is closely associated with our subconscious mind. Bringing up the image constantly activates our creative energies, helping us to find tools, utilize resources creatively, and find opportunities that will bring us closer to making things happen.

A vision board will gradually bring about the changes we seek for ourselves and our lives. They can be a great source of power and energy if we understand how they work and if we use them well.

Thoughts become things. If you can see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”
– Bob Proctor