Let’s talk about confidence. It is the single best way to get over any feelings of self-doubt and a powerful productivity booster. I’m sure you know this from experience. If you feel confident, you believe you can do almost anything and the work goes much faster (and easier it seems).

Being able to boost your confidence, when you’re feeling low and doubtful is a great skill to have. Here are two simple, but powerful strategies that will allow you to boost your own confidence when the need arises.

Break It Down into Baby Steps

This may seem like a weird way to boost confidence at first glance, but trust me, it works like a charm.

We tend to lose our confidence in ourselves and our abilities when a task, problem, job, or situation overwhelms us. We can’t grasp it all and the endless list of things that need to be done seems like too much to tackle. So don’t.

Instead, take a look at the first thing you need to do to make some progress. Maybe that’s writing up a plan, maybe it’s getting more information, maybe it’s one little thing you can easily do right now. Whatever that first baby step is, go ahead and take it.

Get one thing accomplished, no matter how small. Getting things done builds confidence more than anything else I know. With that you should have enough confidence to tackle the next task and so forth.

Keep working away, taking little baby steps at a time until everything is done and you’ve reached your goal. Your confidence will naturally grow with each task you complete and each step you take.

Take a Look at How Far You’ve Come

The second strategy involves taking a close look at how much you’ve accomplished in life already. Looking back at what you’ve done will boost your confidence. If that sound familiar, it’s intentional. One of the reasons why the last strategy worked so well is because it also makes you look back. Frankly, there’s just no better way to boost your confidence.

So when you’re looking at something smaller, or something that can’t easily be broken up into baby steps, spend a little time reflecting on all the amazing things you’ve done. Dig out some pictures, look at your photos, or curl up with your journal, read through it and revisit all your past accomplishments.

With that boost of confidence you’ll be ready for whatever life brings.