First off, do the work that you need to do in order to get where you want to go. Where is it that you want to go? Well, it should be towards a place where you internalize the power inherent in the mistake making process.

This is a state of mind where you actively look for the lessons contained in all mistakes. You then use that lesson to alter the behavior or behaviors that caused the mistake to occur. Once altered, that particular mistake becomes impossible to repeat.

Don’t Procrastinate

The problem is that many people will put off doing this work. Why? Because it is easier to remain where you are, unsatisfied and unfulfilled, than it is to change the behaviors that cause you to be unsatisfied and unfulfilled to begin with.

The result is painful procrastination. You are aware that you need to change the behavior that causes you to fail. You are also aware that changing those behaviors will be uncomfortable. So, you do nothing.

If you find yourself in this situation, take the bull by the horns and face the discomfort that embracing your imperfections brings. If you don’t brave the change, you will remain where you are and, in the long run, the price of remaining stuck is far greater than the price of moving forward.

Take Small Steps

Another thing to remember is that all change, positive or negative, is incremental. Nothing changes, for good or for bad, absolutely or all at once. Change is gradual and needs to be viewed in that way. When you begin embracing your imperfections it is important to remember that the most important word is “beginning”. You are at the start of what can be, and perhaps should be, a lifelong process. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither will the positive changes that embracing imperfection brings.

Impatience or frustration at the pace of the process will only serve to kill your enthusiasm. You need to remember that you are on a journey. Every journey consists of a series of steps. These steps must be taken in a certain order and they must be taken continually and with a will.

You cannot arrive at your destination before you leave. You cannot skip over a portion of the path and still get to where you want to go. You have to have the patience and the perseverance to see the journey through to the end. The only way to accomplish this is by enjoying each day that you’ve traveled, knowing that you are one step closer to your goal.