Happiness is a state of mind or an attitude. Attitude is a commitment to act and feel in a certain way, which is why we need to look at happiness as an attitude.

That is why we always say, “be happy” and never “have happy.” It’s in being that happiness is made possible, not in having it or owning it. Happiness cannot be owned or bought – which is why it can be unattainable for those who don’t change their attitude.

If we want to be happy in life and don’t know how to be, we should look at the traits of happy people. After all, happiness is embodied by the person, it is not in what they own or what they have.

Sometimes we can tell that a person is happy because of the way they carry themselves. How they handle setbacks and challenges, which are abundant in life, is done positively. So what sets genuinely happy people apart from those who are still trying to figure out what it means to be happy? It’s their traits or habits. So let’s look at the traits that are common among genuinely happy people.

Happiness must ensue. It cannot be pursued. It is the very pursuit of happiness that thwarts happiness. The more one makes happiness an aim, the more he misses the aim.” – Viktor Frankl

Happy People Love and Accept Themselves and Forgive Others

They do not think they are above others, but they have enough confidence to believe in what they are capable of and they trust this. Happy people also know their weaknesses and limitations, but keep this from hindering them in life, or from making excuses.

They have a healthy awareness of their own values and are not hindered by the need to feel accepted. Genuinely happy people value being authentic to others.

However, happy people can still feel hurt but they do not let their negative emotions linger forever. They let themselves heal and know how to forgive themselves and others. Know that forgiveness is a quality of the strong and being able to forgive allows you peace and joy.

Happy People Embrace Change

The only thing that’s permanent in life is change and happy people are realistic enough to believe that many things in life are temporary. They do not depend on life situations or things to define how happy they are with life.

If there is a sudden change in their life, they accept it and are proactive enough to find new ways to adapt quickly. The more you resist change, the more life gets miserable and happiness all the more elusive.

Happy People Love to Laugh and Make Others Happy

Smiles and laughter all signal joy and happiness. Being able to laugh at life and have a sense of humor eases us of life’s many challenges, even if only for a while. So this quality is common amongst genuinely happy people. They find joy in radiating their happiness to others.

Happy People are Not Jealous or Envious

Happiness cannot exist where jealousy and envy thrive. Comparing ourselves to others, or what others have, steals our joy. If jealousy thrives we can’t enjoy our own successes, because comparing ourselves to others makes us feel discontented with our own life.

Remember that we are all unique and comparison is rarely necessary. Genuinely happy people feel happy for the successes of others and avoid comparing themselves with other people.

Happy People are Grateful and Honest

A genuinely happy person is honest with themselves and with other people. They do the right thing even when no one is watching. True happiness cannot be achieved amidst lies and secrets. Honesty and integrity set you free from worries that keep people from being truly happy.

Being grateful also plays a huge part in happiness. By simply being grateful, we focus on the good things and the positive side of life. Happy people know this and tap into this habit when they need a boost of happiness. It can be the easiest way to feel happy and it’s a habit anyone can cultivate.

There is so much more to love and learn about happy people and these are just a few of their wonderful traits. It’s never too late to be happy! Put a smile on your face right now and practice these habits and embody true happiness in your life.