Top Three Ways Spirituality Helps with Aging WellWhen you think of aging, you probably have a vision of being unable to care for yourself; perhaps your body is deteriorating faster than you would like to admit.

You also may view yourself as changing and not wanting to accept those changes.

You can do many things to age better, though – for example, eating right, walking, not smoking or drinking, and exercising.

And, did you know that being spiritual could contribute to your sense of wellbeing as you age?

There are many ways you can be spiritual even if you are not a religious person or have one set of specific beliefs.

1 – Being Altruistic

When you are being altruistic, essentially you are taking on care and concern for others without too much thought about yourself. Making your life about others can help in many ways.

First of all, thinking about and helping others takes the focus off you and your ailments. When you give back, you have the ability to focus on someone else rather than yourself. It passes the time as well.

You may have just retired, be in your older years or even in your middle years in the aging process. Wherever you are, it is never too late to think about being altruistic.

2 – Take Time to Participate in Your Community

If you are part of a church or organization, make sure to take time out for worship or fellowship within your community. You will be amazed at how many others your age (wherever you are at) have similar likes, interests, and needs.

When you have a sense of community, the benefit is that often times you have a sense of self. This benefits you as it makes you feel like a part of something vital and alive.

Participating in your community gives you a sense of purpose.

3 – The Art of Forgiveness

Forgiving others and forgiving ourselves is key to healthy aging. Being angry and unforgiving is like an acid that can affect the heart, brain, and body in many negative ways.

Forgiving yourself is also important. There are many things that you can forgive yourself for such as:

  • Mistakes of the past
  • Not reconciling a dispute before it was too late
  • Hurting someone else
  • Hurting yourself
  • Not doing something and having a regret

Releasing all these things allows you to open up to what is possible in your now and in your future. Living negatively in the past deteriorates your mind, your memory, and your physical body.

Forgive yourself and others and you will be on your way to healthy, spiritual aging.