It’s confusing not to know what your purpose is. You may believe you are supposed to be a police officer. But, that just defines your job. It’s not necessarily a purpose. Helping people would be closer to a purpose while the job of police officer helps you accomplish that.

You may want to define your purpose more accurately than just stating you help people. However, perhaps you can’t seem to get a grip on any definition. When this is the case, try to determine the purpose of others.

If you read the profiles of many of your idols, you will start to see a theme forming. This theme will likely resonate with you and get you closer to your purpose. For instance, you may believe that a certain president was a great motivational speaker and you have always admired that.

By learning more about his or her life, you can gain some insight about why they can motivate. The story is as important as the trait of being a motivator. Perhaps part of your purpose is to motivate others.

When you are researching or observing others, you need to delve deeper into their backgrounds. The research will reveal what situations they faced and what kind of people they were before becoming successful. You may even uncover information that is not so flattering about your idols concerning their past. But, it is insightful. It also shows that these people are not super humans and fallible just like everyone else.

Sometimes, you can gain insight into people you would not consider to be idols. They may have opposite views, which you find contentious and even offensive. However, they became the way they are for a reason. Again, their story will help you see a new perspective. It may change your biases and preconceived notions on how people are not as different as you believed.

The idea behind learning about the purpose of others is not to become like them. It’s to find some similarities and differences between your purpose and theirs. When you see similarities, this can explain your purpose. When you see differences, you can use this to try to look at life from a different angle.

You don’t want to use this information as some formula that you can plug in a computer which then spits out what your purpose is. You need to use it more as a guideline and how it can help you seek new paths in your quest for purpose.