When someone has integrity, they demonstrate ethical principles and sound morals. They strive to do what is right, no matter the situation, who’s watching, or even how they feel. It is the foundation on which good relationships are built.

Integrity encourages trust and is a fundamental and value people look for when beginning any sort of relationship – professional or personal.

  • Research puts it amongst the top 5 values that employers look for when hiring.
  • People searching for a romantic partner also hold integrity in high regard and look for it in their potential partners.

Integrity is a core quality required for a happy and successful life. It is the single most valuable character a person can develop to remarkably enhance all parts of their lives. When you decide to be a person of integrity and then commit to it, you will have taken the first step to a much more successful life.

A few other reasons integrity is so important:

It Gives You Peace

Compromising your morals to succeed or feel like you belong can be incredibly exhausting. When you live a life of integrity, you’re truthful and clear about who you are or your stance on a matter. Your day-to-day life becomes easier, and you are at peace because you do not have to worry about hiding anything.

It Builds Self-Trust

While research has shown that integrity is a leading factor that makes people gain the trust of others, living in integrity also builds self-trust. This is because we do not question ourselves when we have integrity; we listen to our hearts and follow through on what we think is right. This makes us trust ourselves more, which boosts confidence in general.

We Gain the Trust and Respect of Others

When we live in integrity, we gain the respect and trust of everybody, especially people with whom we have a close relationship. People see you as dependable, reliable, and responsible for your actions
when you live with integrity.

People will feel safer when you give your word. You gain influence, which generates trust. Integrity is especially important if you occupy a leadership position as it is a sign of efficient leadership that the community, clients, workers, and stakeholders look out for.

Excellent Relationships

We often attract who we are. When you live with integrity, your relationships will reflect these good morals. Living in integrity shows commendable character, and you will naturally draw people to you. When you do not have to be dishonest or compromise on your values to have friends, you’ll find out that you’ll have better and high-quality relationships.