The empathetic person takes on the feelings of another. When you act with empathy, you share emotions and feelings. Some people can almost physically feel what another person is going through.

Others might have a less intense experience. In any situation, empathy helps you to understand and relate to others. It’s a social skill that everyone should develop. Empathy can help you build trust in your personal and career relationships.

Like sympathy, empathy means you feel bad about what someone is going through. Unlike sympathy, empathy always means following up with kindness. You do something to try to help the person get out of a negative situation or experience.

What’s really neat is that empathy doesn’t just benefit the person on the receiving end of kindness.

The Benefits of Empathy for the Giver

Studies show that the empathetic person experiences less stress and anxiety than others. Everyone is different. Some people just aren’t that empathetic. It doesn’t mean they’re mean people or that they don’t care about others. It just means their emotional radar isn’t as sensitive as someone who’s highly empathetic.

That’s a shame, because empathy lowers stress.

Experts believe this is because of a shared emotional experience. It could be that there is a physical process internally that triggers the release of “feel good” hormones and chemicals. Whatever happens, data clearly shows that if you want less stress, anxiety and depression in your life, learn to be more empathetic.

Empathy Makes You Grateful for What You Have

Sometimes getting in the emotional point of view of another person can help you appreciate what you have. You see someone struggling emotionally. You ask a few questions. You get to know the situation. Perhaps you were in a similar spot yourself at one time.

You can identify very clearly with the emotional issues that person is experiencing. It causes such a response in you that you reach out. You feel compelled to offer assistance and to help this person in some way.

After this experience has passed, it’s not uncommon to feel gratitude.

You’re reminded when you went through the same problem. You understand that this individual you encountered is currently working through a difficult time. You additionally realize that you are fortunately not going through the same issue.

This can cause you to take a little time and express gratitude for your wonderful life and all the blessings in it.

Empathy Is a Boomerang

Act with empathy for someone else and you’re more likely to get the same response when it’s needed. When people see you acting selflessly and with great empathy, they remember.

Sometime down the road when you could benefit from empathy, people will recall when you helped them or someone in their family. This could result in a wonderful boomerang of kindness that gives you assistance right when you need it.

Empathy is often returned on the giver. It helps you grow emotionally and socially. You can improve your relationships at work and at home by showing a little more empathy. You also enjoy less stress and anxiety when you become an empathetic person