Do you feel stuck in a job that’s repetitive or has no future? Or is your body crying out for you to make changes in your dietary habits? Those are just a couple of reasons why change should be in your future goals. Here are ten more that can spur you on to make the changes that are sorely needed in your life:

1 – Embrace external changes. Give a strange or foreign idea a chance before condemning it altogether. This will make you a more flexible and understanding person.
2 – Embrace internal changes. Whatever you want to be or improve in yourself can be accomplished when you control your internal thoughts and urges. If you want to be more understanding, you can change your thoughts to more compassionate ones and weed out negativity.3 – Change brings new experiences. Change is what makes the world go round and can bring new and interesting times into your life if you let it happen.
4 – You cannot progress without change. You can’t accomplish anything without changes – some subtle and some more pronounced. If you want something, you have to change to get it.
5 – New opportunities are possible with change. It can be a small change, such as taking a new route to work, but each small change can lead to big chances for new opportunities in your life.
6 – It’s inevitable that change will take place. Why not make changes that you can control and that will lead to something you want in your life? You can be the master of your universe with positive changes.
7 – You can mark the times of your life by change. As time goes by, you will begin to mark your life by the changes that happen. It may be a change you don’t like, such as the death of a loved one – but such events mark the happenings in our lives.
8 – No change means that life stagnates. No one wants to live a life without progression and positive changes. Unless you strive for positive events in your life, you may miss out on some incredible opportunities.
9 – Keeping the status quo is boring. Stir things up in your life. Learn or try something new and you’ll be surprised at how your mood will perk up. Do not let boredom keep you from changing.
10 – Don’t resist change. It takes much more effort to resist changes than to embrace them.

It is true that some changes are scary – the unknown is scary by nature, but keep in mind that change is responsible for everything that happens. Welcome new experiences with a positive attitude.