Teaching your child the law of attraction is one of the best things that you could ever do.

Almost all children are born with a lack of negative thinking or limiting self-beliefs. They learn these by listening to what adults say or watching what adults do.

All of us start off young full of hope and belief in the impossible. Even a flower or a toy figurine holds so much awe and wonder for a child. Their imagination has not been dulled by the ‘realities’ of life.

Most adults will tell you that they had many dreams when they were young but somewhere along the way, they grew up and decided to be practical.

The boy, who wanted to be an astronaut now works as a carpenter. The girl, who wanted to be a ballet dancer now pulls in two shifts at the diner where she works as a waitress, just to make ends meet.

What happened to their dreams? Where did it all go?

The answer is quite simple… They did not believe it was possible for them and they quit or settled for less.

If you look at any leader in any field, you’ll see that all of them had a dream and they followed it.

Michael Jordan pursued basketball even when he did not make the school team. That’s belief. Steven Spielberg was rejected from the University of Southern California thrice. Yet, he still pursued his dream. That is belief. Oprah Winfrey was told that she was too emotional for TV… and look at where she is now.

All these people had one common denominator. They had faith in themselves and believed that their dreams would come true. It didn’t matter what anyone said or what failures they encountered along the way. The journey would definitely have not been easy but they persisted.

They were using principles of the law of attraction without even realizing it. The single minded pursuit of their dreams and the knowledge that sooner or later they’d reach the pinnacle of success is what got them to where they are today.

If you asked them why they did it, they’d probably say that they couldn’t see themselves doing anything else. It was a self-consuming passion that had to be pursued.

You want to inculcate this same belief system and faith in your kids. They need to understand that life gives you exactly what you ask for it. Ask for big things and you’ll get big things. Think small and you’ll lead small lives.

Do not be too hasty to knock your child’s dreams down just because you want to be practical. If your son wants to be an artist, don’t tell him to be a plumber because it’s a more secure job.

Parents all over the world think that they’re doing their kids a favor. In reality, they’re doing their child a great disservice by placing a wet blanket on their dreams. Encourage your child to dream and dream big.

Teach them to visualize their goals coming true. You can even help them to create a vision board to help them focus.
Tell them about the importance of being persistent and consistent in their actions. Even with the law of attraction, massive action is required. Constantly drum in the importance of working hard to make your dreams come true.

Visualization without action is like beer that’s all foam. It’s the action that displays the faith. When a child is focused on his or her dreams and goes all out to make them come true, the universe will move in accordance and open doors and opportunities for the child to succeed.

This has always been the case since time immemorial. Faith, belief and action come together to create success for the person using these principles. Everyone else who does not believe will say that it’s luck. Teach your child not to be everyone else.