Here are some things you may not know about introverts (unless you are one, of course!):

Super Creative

According to scientific tests, the percentage of introverts who are creative is much higher than with extroverts. One speculation for this is that it’s due to the inordinate amount of alone time introverts set aside, much of it for thinking of new ideas. Typically, one needs quiet time to encourage creative ideas to be formed.

Rarely Get Lonely or Bored

With all the alone time introvert schedule for brainstorming, they rarely find themselves bored. There’s always a new thing to try, a new plan to implement or a challenge to overcome. Their worlds are in their minds, so wherever they go, they rarely are lonely or bored.

Reserve Trust

Introverts prefer to observe other people’s behavior, body language and words before determining whether or not they are worthy of their trust. Rather than share deeply with others, they reserve their trust for those they are intimate with, and there are usually only a handful of those people.

Prefer Writing

When given a choice between communicating in writing or verbally, the introvert will usually take the written route. Writing out their ideas gives them time to fully think through what they want to say and how they want to say it. When communicating verbally, introverts have to think on their feet, which they find uncomfortable.

Quality Producer

Introverts are extremely productive people – when left to their own devices. When they can work in a way they like – alone, without distraction, they mono-focus to produce great results. In fact, some find it astounding how many brilliant ideas an introvert can brainstorm, plan and implement. They are not just thinkers – they execute their unique ideas.

Easily Distracted

On the other side, introverts can be easily distracted. This occurs typically when they are overstimulated or have too many ideas to implement. When there’s too much to do, or their ideas are coming faster than they can put them to use, they can falter deciding what to tackle first.


Extroverts find introverted individuals mysterious. Think about it – they stand off to the side and observe everyone’s comings and goings without revealing much of anything about themselves. Extroverts often claim introverts are hard to get a real sense of, which can be either alluring or disheartening.

On a Continuum

Introversion is not a one size fits all. We are all unique and run along the lines of a continuum, as with all things in life. You may recognize yourself in some of the above characteristics and not so much with others. Or, you may be more social than other introverts, enjoying a party, as long as you know about it ahead of time.