What the people want doesn’t always matter. That’s been proven time and again in history. Though there are many people who are against stricter gun laws, changes are coming.

These changes are not completely about gun control, they’re about people control and the freedoms that are going to be lost with stricter control. When stricter gun laws are put into effect, what’s going to happen is what’s already happening.

Criminals are still going to be able to get their hands on guns and whatever ammunition they want to hurt law-abiding citizens. But in the meantime, the government will have restricted the freedom of the citizens when it comes to gun control so much that it’s going to be tough for them to be able to legally buy guns.

The stricter gun laws aim to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, suicidal people, mentally ill people, and people with questionable background checks. However, the laws being pushed will fail to protect law abiding citizens because those who want to use guns to do violence will always find a way to get them.

Stricter laws against guns aren’t the only laws threatening your freedom. If you’re someone who tries to live a lifestyle where you can take care of your own needs, you could soon be facing some trouble from the government.

If you live in an RV or you are living in a tiny home, you could soon be living illegally. The government isn’t happy with those who are choosing to live off the grid. It doesn’t matter that you’re self-reliant or that you’re not costing the government anything.

The government wants to decide what you can and can’t call home. There are upcoming regulations going on right now that are determined to refuse to allow people to label RVs and tiny homes as a home.

It doesn’t matter if it’s on your own land. If you live in an RV or a tiny home, then the government is looking to fine you, arrest you for non-compliance if you refuse to abandon the shelter, or even seize the property.

What this means to you is that the government is going to make you turn your RV or your tiny home into a government approved dwelling. It means that you’re going to have to pass federal codes. If you don’t, your home will be outlawed.

If you’re wondering why the government is so worked up about RVs and tiny homes, the answer is simple. It’s because the government is looking to decide how much freedom you truly have. Once the current regulation passes, tiny homes and RVs will be banned right out of existence as a home.