Life provides us with a constant ebb and flow of emotions. Sometimes it seems like just when we get done with the roller-coaster and things might calm down, there’s another plot twist right around the corner lurking, waiting it’s turn.

Inevitably, many of us find ourselves emotionally drained.

Zapped of energy and wanting to tap out on life and get some rest. Emotional exhaustion can feel like we are dragging ourselves through a quicksand pit; the harder we pull and claw and scratch to get out, the deeper we get until we are completely enveloped, suffocating at our emotional core.

Signs to Watch Out For

If this sounds familiar, below are warning signs of being emotionally drained, and how to recharge the emotional battery.

Running on Empty

When emotions have taken us hostage, our energy is quickly consumed. It always feels like we are running on empty. All the caffeine in the world doesn’t seem to keep the eyelids from wanting to close and no matter how many hours of sleep or naps we take in a day, we just don’t feel well rested.

Trouble Sleeping

To compound the lack of energy, our minds just won’t seem to stop and hush so we can get some rest. We end up tossing and turning when we actually fall asleep and then wake up several times a night. This pattern doesn’t allow the body to recuperate from the stress of the day and prepare for the next day.

Cry Easily

For an exhausted mind, crying seems be the go-to response for just about everything. Run out of bread and can’t make a sandwich? Crying spell. Gas prices go up overnight? Yes, cry it out. Toddler refuse to eat breakfast? Perhaps a good ‘ole cry right there on the floor should do the trick.

Quickly Irritated

Crying isn’t the only emotional response left in the toolbox. There’s always anger! Normal things that we wouldn’t even give a chance to irritate us seem to grate on our nerves like no other when we are emotionally exhausted. Spouse forget to put the toilet seat down? Oh yes, irritation rising! Teenager call to ask what’s for supper? How dare they! Irritation invoked.


As a knee-jerk reaction a lot of us try to emotionally detach from everyone and everything. We attempt to be numb to emotions because it’s simply too hard and tiresome to care. We hide from family and friends, because inevitably they will require our zombie-like persona to interact with them, and that’s just too much to ask right now.

Tips to Rejuvenate When Emotionally Drained

It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained from time to time. Life can be trying, to say the least, and it’s virtually impossible to be perfectly positive and full of life 100% of the time.

When life seems to beat us down, try some these tips to get back into the groove of things and enjoy the many moments life has to offer:

Move Your Body

Although it probably feels like there is zero energy to tap into, it’s important to keep the blood flowing. Don’t allow exhaustion to paralyze the body. Instead, combat exhaustion by increasing the feel-good endorphins. Try a new exercise class or go for a walk.

Change the Environment

Sometimes we just need to spice life up a little bit to get the juices flowing again. For folks who live, work and breathe in a concrete jungle, take a day trip to the countryside and enjoy all that nature has provided us. Have a picnic, touch the grass, gaze at the enormous sky and breathe the fresh air.

Likewise, if country life is home, take a trip into the city and absorb all the lights and people and action. It’s refreshing and rejuvenating to switch up the scenery.

Do Something You Love

When we get inundated with the routine of life, simple pleasures oftentimes get shoved to the side. Whatever your thing is, do it. Karaoke night might be the antidote for some and others prefer painting. It doesn’t matter. Just get in there and have some fun.

Change Your Story

We sometimes bog our minds down with negativity and excuses. It’s exhausting to constantly look at the glass half full. Our expectations of self, when unmet, cause frustration and end up depleting our mental and emotional energy source. Take it one step at a time and regain control of your story.

When feeling emotionally drained, take time for yourself. Do some pampering, take a photography class, build a toothpick mansion, get out and meet new people; whatever stimulates happiness and motivation. There’s a lot of life left to live! Make every single day count!