Getting into the flow is all about your mind. Yes, you can “think” your way into a flow state where work and tasks will become easy and almost take care of themselves. But like meditating, it isn’t easy to get into the flow and it’s something that takes constant practice.

You can however make things easier on yourself and improve your chances of getting into the flow by setting the mood.

The Flow Is Mental

Getting into the flow is a mind game. It’s mental and as such you can help your brain get into the flow by thinking about it. Remember what it feels like to be in the flow. Visualize it.

Then do what you can to get the right attitude. You want to be motivated and excited about what you’re working on. This will make it much easier to get there. In addition, use the following mental aids to help you along the way.

Our Brains are Highly Susceptible to Smells & Sounds

Have you ever smelled something and a vivid memory would suddenly pop into your head? How about hearing an old song and you remember a person you haven’t thought about in years.

Our minds make strong associations between mental states and both scents and sounds. Use that to your advantage. Pick a pleasing scent and a song you love and make them part of your “getting into the flow” ritual. Before long, just smelling that particular scent or hearing “your” song will get you ready to get to work.

Being Uncomfortable Can Be Highly Distracting

Where you work will become another important part of your routine – more on the routine part in sec. Pick your spot carefully. There is nothing more distracting than feeling your shoulders cramp up or your leg fall asleep because you picked an uncomfortable position and stayed in it for too long.

Find a comfortable spot that’s good for your posture where you can sit for extended periods of time. Yes, breaks are important, but let’s face it. There are times when you’re in the zone and you’re forgetting about time and getting up to move around. Better be prepared and using good posture is never a bad idea.

A Routine Can Be Extremely Helpful for Getting Back In The Flow

Let’s wrap it all up by combining everything we’ve talked about already and whatever ritual works for you into a routine. It helps to follow the same few steps to prepare yourself for getting into the flow each time. Before long, just going through the motions of your routine will transport you into that special state of mind we like to call the flow state.