Ladies, let’s face it: We are often our own worst critics. We spend more time beating ourselves down than raising ourselves up, and it needs to stop! By now we’ve all heard about self-care and the many benefits of “me” time.

We know self-care is not selfish or indulgent, but an effort to replenish and restore balance in our lives. Both men and women spend a great deal of time tending to the needs of others.

Of the two though, women are typically the more nurturing and emotional creatures. This is why it’s especially important for women to partake in self-care activities in the form of positive self-talk.

Benefits of Positive Self-Talk

Negativity begets negativity. Which would also mean that positivity brings more positivity. It’s hard to be around people who are negative all the time. It deflates confidence and brings the mood down. Positive self-talk is the polar opposite, quite literally.

Let’s look at just a few of the awesome benefits associated with positive self-talk:

Reduces Stress

Negative Nancy is a worry wart. Positive Patty will take things as they come, talk herself through the ordeal with positivity and know she can handle whatever comes. It’s a waste of time to stress and worry about things we cannot change.

But with positive self-talk, worrying and stress take a back burner. It doesn’t mean always being stress-free, but it certainly changes the thought process when dealing with stressful times.

Creates Motivation

Have you ever just sat on the couch and binged on a TV show, simply avoiding something you knew needed to be done? Procrastination is on the same side of the fence as negativity.

Which then creates more stress as deadlines approach. When positive self-talk is the dialogue of choice, big and little feats get done because you’re more motivated.

You have talked yourself up so high there’s nothing that can deter you from reaching your goals, or at least getting as close as possible. It feels good. And when we feel good emotionally, we have more energy to stay on task.

We aren’t letting fear of failure dictate our lives; we are positive and motivated!

Relationships are Better

This one is so incredible! When we learn to talk more positively to ourselves, it becomes a habit. The positivity oozes out and we are more inclined to be positive to others.

We are choosing different words, and this definitely helps relationships. Personal and professional relationships alike; they all reap the rewards when positive self-talk is in play.

How is Positive Self-Talk a Form of Self-Care?

Virtually anything you do for you with a positive outcome is self-care. Don’t go overboard. Keying your cheating ex-boyfriend’s car is not considered self-care, no matter how good you might feel in the moment.

Things which are nurturing and healing and don’t require you to hurt others or yourself. Taking a relaxing bubble bath, giving yourself a facial, aromatherapy, massages, etc. Those are all great ideas for self-care.

Positive self-talk fits the bill perfectly. It’s something we are doing for the good of ourselves, it brings us up, creates a habit of positivity, and has a great ripple effect into other aspects of our lives.

Which is the whole point! We need to have balance so we can perform at our best in this life we are given. We get one body, one mind, one spirit. For an entire lifetime!

Here are three easy ways to incorporate positive self-talk into your daily life:

Positive Affirmations

Post positive affirmations on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, in your office or cubicle at work. Make sure you are surrounding yourself in positivity. “You are beautiful”, “You are more than strong enough to get through this day”, “You are a great mom”, etc. If that’s too personal, use your favorite positive quotes instead.

Be Optimistic

Every single time you feel yourself slipping into a negative direction, gently pull yourself back to positivity. It’s hard at first. There’s no getting around that part. We have trained ourselves to believe the lies and horribly negative things we say about ourselves.

Which also means we can train it to be positive, right? Don’t beat yourself up about how often you lose the positive vibe. Just keep pushing positivity and eventually it becomes habit and the negative self-talk disappears altogether.

Be Your Own Best Friend

When your bestie is going through a hard time, you probably refrain from negative words and try to lift her spirit. Do the same thing for yourself! Treat yourself well!

There is only one you on this whole planet; unique, gorgeous, intelligent, resourceful and filled with grace and love. Don’t hide all those incredible gifts from the world. Treat yourself the way you would your best friend, with love and compassion and positive, uplifting words.

Start Now!

Positive self-talk is an excellent form of self-care for women. It’s free. It’s available to everyone, everywhere. It doesn’t take a lot of time. It’s incredibly beneficial. Take the steps necessary to practice and perfect positive self-talk. You won’t regret it!