Many of us are stuck plugging away at the day-to-day grind and left feeling inadequate and unfulfilled at the end of the day. Life can be exhausting, depleting and down right nasty at times.

It’s especially important during those times to initiate self-care techniques. Not only begin, but create habits of self-care to replenish the mind, body and spirit. Another unique benefit of self-care is the boost of confidence and self-esteem we feel.

What is Self-Care?

Anything you do specifically for you can be considered self-care. Oftentimes we engage in self-care activities and don’t even realize it. For instance, soaking in a relaxing bubble bath or enjoying a massage are self-care tactics.

It’s the “me” time we tend to overlook because we think it’s selfish, self-indulgent or we simply don’t have the time. But we do have the time. Self-care doesn’t have to be hour-long stints at a time. A 10-minute meditation session first thing in the morning might set your day on the right path.

Mindfully eating or having a coffee break with a good friend are also self-care activities. Don’t make the mistake of denying yourself some much deserved “me” time.

The Full Circle Effect of Self-Care

Imagine if doing something for yourself actually improved your self-esteem and confidence! This is exactly what happens when you are mindful with self-care activities. Yes, self-care restores and replenishes your energy levels and brings a sense of balance in an otherwise hectic world, but the benefits are so much more!

After, and even during, an act of self-care, you should feel less stressed and more refreshed. Those who are less stressed are more productive.

They are able to give more, produce more and enjoy more. And when we are functioning at full capacity, we feel more confident and our self-esteem is increased. It’s simple logic really, when you think about it.

The key is to think about it. To be aware of how the cycle comes full circle and how we are listening to the needs of our minds and bodies.

Confidence and Self-Esteem Boosting Self-Care Ideas

Below are some ideas to help jumpstart your new regimen of self-care. Self-care isn’t one-size-fits-all, and everybody is unique. Choose things that will lighten your spirit, make you smile on the inside, and bring joy and contentment.

Be Young Again

Remember preschool? Get in touch with your inner child and partake in some kiddie activities. Finger-paint, play hopscotch, or go to a park and enjoy the swings and slides. Eat a scoop of ice cream with whipped topping and sprinkles.

Play hide and seek with the kiddos. Act silly no matter who is watching. Whatever suits your fancy, but be a kid again, if even for just a few moments.

Community Service

Giving back to the community stirs up all sorts of feel-goods. Those dress clothes just hanging in the closet that never get worn? Hand those off to a service that provides clothes for folks just entering the work force. Spend some time in a nursing home engaging with the residents.

Offer to work in a soup kitchen or food pantry. The confidence we get from giving back is incredible. It’s impossible not to reap rewards from community service.

Change Up Your Appearance

We are our own worst critics much of the time. If you are tired of the same-old same-old, change something up. Do something different with your hairstyle or try a new color. Up-dress for the day and feel the boost of confidence oozing from your pores.

Ladies, try a bold shade of lipstick or slip on those fancy heels in the closet that never see the light of day. Men, put on a nice dress shirt and ditch the ballcap. Spritz on the cologne you save for special occasions and revel in your newfound self-esteem.

Do Something Out of the Ordinary

A huge factor in gaining confidence is in conquering a fear. Try something new. Something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. For some of us, this might look like eating alone at a restaurant. For others, it might be skydiving.

Remember, self-care is completely individual, and the point is to feel good during and after. When we feel more confidence and secure in ourselves, life gets easier. We tend to adjust to life’s curveballs with greater ease when we feel good inside and out.

It’s time we learn how to take care of our emotional and spiritual needs, as well as our physical and social. Self-care sometimes feels selfish and self-indulgent, but it’s quite the opposite. We need to be whole to share ourselves. Life demands us to give, give, give.

But what are we really giving if we aren’t complete? Do yourself the ultimate favor and mindfully partake in self-care habits to increase your self-esteem and give a whopping good boost to your confidence. It will serve you, and others, well.