For years, society’s rules have been experiencing a revolution. Much of this has to do with the new ways technology has entered our lives and changed our ways of living. Some has to do with our changing mores and values.

Society has changed tremendously throughout the past decades. We’ve become a more transient society – so, for example, the old rule of always being friendly to everyone may now be dangerous if we follow it.

We don’t have to work from 9 to 5 every day and spend long hours at work trying to get ahead. Facebook, Skype and millisecond transferring of data makes it possible for us to cut our time in less than half and even work from home if we desire.

Many rules of society are based on pure emotion. Robots can’t be programmed for emotion (yet), so they move on to get the job done without any input of their own.

Rules of society also make it possible for us to teach our children and keep them safe. Respecting authority figures such as parents and teachers is a good thing unless that authority figure crosses the boundaries of right and wrong.

So, we must have rules that sometimes seem to contradict each other.

You don’t have to be radical-thinking to change the rules of society, but sometimes it helps. Coco Channel revolutionized the fashion industry by becoming a success in her own way at a time when the fashion world was dominated by men.

One at a time, some of the old rules of society are being changed – some drastically and some simply tweaked to fit in to today’s lifestyle. When you see a rule of society that could or needs to be broken and that could help you succeed in business, make a statement or boost your esteem, think about the consequences.

If you’re prepared to face the consequences of breaking a rule of society and have thought about it from every angle, then it’s time to plan how you are going to break the rule for the best results.

Revolutionizing society’s rules isn’t for the faint of heart, but the results can be amazing and rewarding. There are certain criteria you should follow to achieve the best results and to ensure that people aren’t hurt or damaged in the process.

Study the criteria for rule-breaking and also how other successful people in the path you’ve chosen have broken the rules to realize their own success. You will likely learn how to start a revolution in your own life.