All of us experience stress and most of the time it is not pleasant! Happy stress is welcomed, but chronic, ugly stress is not only unwanted, but it is also mentally and physically damaging. While it is completely normal to experience stress, we all have different ways of perceiving stressful situations and coping with them.

Some people know how to manage stress, while others simply lose themselves in it, and their health suffers long-term. Stress can cause many severe health issues, so it is very important to manage stress the right way and prevent it from crushing your quality of life and even shortening your life.

You need to be able to deal with stress to find the inner peace and happiness you deserve. If chronic stress is present, inner peace and happiness will be very difficult to achieve. Ultimately, a large part of finding both peace and happiness lies in being able to manage the stress in your life.

The more in control you are of your own life, the less control stress has over you, and the greater the happiness and peace you will experience.

Here are some simple but effective ways to reduce stress in your life so that you will be closer to achieving the peace and happiness that you so rightfully deserve:

Deep Breathing

Here’s an instant way to control stress – deep breathing. Deep breathing causes your heart rate to beat slower, so if you are in the middle of a stressful panic attack, deep steady breaths can help you.

Deep breathing causes your brain to release endorphins, your happy hormones, which can naturally calm you and your mind down.

So if you don’t have a stress-relieving tool in your hands, the quickest way to manage your stress is through your breathing. Start breathing deeply for a natural solution. You can take deep breaths anywhere as you know!

Reframe Your Perspective

Our mind holds a great deal of control over us. While, of course, we are subject to a degree to circumstances and events, our perception and reaction to them is usually the biggest big factor. Most of the time we are pre-programmed to see the world through our own lens, although we tend to be unconscious of that fact.

By being aware of your mindset, you can use this to gain more control over a situation you would otherwise feel stressed about.

Reframing your perspective requires you to take a deeper look into your tendencies to think a certain way. If that’s geared towards worrying a lot, overthinking, overanalyzing, or simply letting stress take control, you must make a firm resolve to change it.

Some people are more easily stressed than others simply because of the way they perceive things. Take control of your mind and consciously choose your responses to every situation.

Take Care of Your Body

This sounds pretty basic, but it’s important to get enough sleep, eat well, and move your body. Can you honestly say you do all these things consistently every day? Chances are, if you are always stressed, you are failing in one or all of these basic self-care items. To take care of your body means you need to do all these things consistently. If you do, you will be much more able to manage the stress in your life in healthy ways.

Taking care of your body is the simplest way to build a strong immune system that will naturally protect you from stress, and of course, appropriate self-care is key to experiencing more peace and happiness in your life.

Get Quality Sleep and Maybe a Soothing Massage

Do you get good sleep every night, or do you try to make it up when you don’t get enough? Did you know there is actually no way to make up for lost sleep? If you are not getting quality sleep every night, you are hurting your body in many ways.

You can build up a sleep debt throughout your life and the fewer hours you sleep and relax, the lower your immunity becomes against disease, stress, and general illness. This also means that it is much harder to find inner peace and experience happiness.

Take Scheduled Breaks and Manage Your Time

Taking breaks is important, but if you feel time-stressed, that may feel extremely difficult to do. Overcoming this is a matter of better time management and setting up systems. Schedule your breaks in as if they are important meetings you need to attend. If your schedule is hectic, strategize and prioritize. Give more weight to your essential downtime.

Remember that you need to pause and relax in between your workload if you want to supercharge your productivity. Taking breaks can reduce your stress, boost your happiness and bring you greater peace.

Remember, the more in control you are of your own time, the happier and more peaceful you will feel about life. This naturally helps you to experience greater joy, inner peace, and reduced stress.