Who isn’t stressed out these days? Everyone is rushing around juggling jobs and family responsibilities like crazy. This leaves us very little time to appreciate the good things we have in life. When was the last time you thought about what you have to be grateful for? You probably haven’t in a long time.

Today is the day that you want to start changing this. From this point in time on, always take a few minutes each day to be grateful for something or for someone.

By focusing on something positive you will find that you feel less stressed out. Instead of worrying about all those things you didn’t get accomplished during the day, focus on those that you got done.

If you answered all of your emails then appreciate this, if you finally got that software program to work, be grateful. Don’t worry that you still have tons of things on your to-do list. Just work on getting those things done bit by bit.

A good way to tackle a long list is by prioritizing your list each day. If a certain task sits on your list for too long, it may be that it really isn’t as important as you thought. Shuffle your list each day and do the most important item first.

You can apply the same types of tactics at home too. Don’t rush home thinking about all the chores that are waiting for you. Go home with the thought of looking forward to sitting down with your family and eating dinner together. Be grateful for the time that you can enjoy together.

Remember, your kids will grow up fast, before you know it they will be packing for college. Spend time with them while you can. Leave that load of laundry for another day, and ask yourself if it really is that important!

Dealing with high levels of stress is not healthy for you, or for your family. Stress can easily rub off on all the members of your family. Learn to start each day by being thankful for one small thing. It could be as simple as being able to watch the sun rise, or grateful that your child slept through the night. Do the same before going to bed at night. Think about what you were grateful for that day.

When you do this consistently you will find that your mood changes. It will be easier to think positive thoughts more often than you think about negative things. This means that you are learning how to be grateful for what you already have.