Is it Really Worth Stressing Out Over Which Politician You Choose?

As laughable as it may seem to most people, election stress disorder is a very real thing and thousands of people in the US are agonizing and stressing out over the coming presidential election.

There are fervent supporters of both Trump and Clinton and it’s obvious that come election day when the results are out, thousands of people are going to be disappointed and distressed that their chosen candidate lost.

Which brings us to a very important question… “Does it really matter who wins?”

The answer is yes it does but that’s only as far as policies are concerned. Is that something you should stress about and spend nights awake pondering over? Is it worth getting upset over what the media or the politician says?

The answer is no. Let’s see why.

Policies Can Change

People often say that they’ll vote based on policies. Yet, so many of them forget that even the best thought policies can have negative repercussions. No one thing is perfect for everyone.

Over and above that, policies can change and politicians are not exactly the barometer of truth in any country. So, the policies that you are banking your hopes on may never come to pass.

They may just be sweet promises to hook the masses and reel them in to the polls.

Promises May Not Be Kept

No shocker here. Most promises are fast forgotten once a candidate is elected. History will show that the majority of promises made during election never come to pass and are only mentioned again during the next election.

If you’re stressing out that the candidate you dislike may come into power and you won’t get the promises the one you favor is telling you about… guess what? He or she may not deliver on their promises either.

You Control Your Own Destiny

This is something that most people forget. You are in control of your own life. Regardless of whether Hillary or Trump becomes president, you can bet that there will be people who succeed in the US and there will be those who fail.

The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is the mindset. To do well in life, you must assume all responsibility of your own life. Blaming politicians for one’s failures has become commonplace these days.

While to some extent, certain government policies may impact you adversely, the best you can do is vote for the candidate that you think will impact your life positively. Once you’ve made up your mind, focus on what else you can do to help yourself.

Things May Change in 4 Years

The candidate who comes into power may get the boot in 4 years or they may even kick the bucket. Anything is possible and nothing is guaranteed. So why are you stressing yourself out?

You Have No Control Over Other People

There is a quote by author, Amit Kalantri, that says “Majority wins, but majority is not necessarily right and sometimes majority is awfully wrong.”

This is very true but it highlights one thing – majority wins. Guess what? You do not control the majority of people. You just don’t. However much you stress and curse and agonize over how others just don’t see ‘reality’ the way you do… the truth is… it’s out of your hands.

All you can do is all you can do… and all you can do is vote for the candidate you like and just let it go.
There is nothing to be gained by stressing out over what’s going to happen, who is the more wretched candidate or if life is going to get worse.

Take a deep breath, change your mindset so that you can be ready to roll with either decision and understand that stress is only affecting you negatively. Since you’re not in the presidential race… take a step back and do what you need to at the polls. Nothing more and nothing less. Life still goes on.

“No political party has exclusive patent rights on prosperity.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt