Goal-setting is a very important and powerful process in creating your life. It is a great way to choose a path out of a multitude of options. It gives you a sense of focus on which endeavor to prioritize and helps you to say no to other things that won’t help you achieve your desired end results.

But setting goals is just the first step. Succeeding and achieving what is important to you requires sacrifice and triumph over many factors that can keep us away from achieving our goals. A huge part of working our way to success is having a sense of accountability.

The moment you accept your goals and your life as your own responsibility, the simpler it gets and the more you understand how much of your success or failure will entirely be in your own hands.

In the pursuit of success, nothing could take the place of having a sense of accountability for our goals. Having a sense of accountability is the only way to achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves especially when the road is long and difficult.

This relates to the things that you don’t want to do, but need to to achieve your desires. You can either sabotage your way to success or regulate yourself to do the right thing. If you lack accountability for your goals, achieving them will be difficult.

Let’s put accountability to work and help you get started in accomplishing your goals one by one. Here are a few things that you can do:

Write Away!

There’s magic in putting your goals on paper and writing them down. Studies show that when people write what they want to achieve on paper on a regular basis, they are more likely to see them manifesting in reality. Much of the explanation has to do with the way our brains work. In short, this simple exercise enables us to align ourselves to the reality that we want to manifest.

Another way of doing it is by signing a commitment contract to signify your commitment to the goal on paper. Nowadays there are apps meant to fulfill that job by exposing you to colleagues if you’re not following through on your commitments. If that’s a way to get you focused, why not!

Share Your Goal with Another Person

Keeping your goals to yourself is often not a strong enough motivation to hold yourself accountable for the success that you want to achieve. You may need to share your goal/s with another person at least.

That somebody can hold you accountable for your actions, in case you’re not following through and constantly making excuses that lead you away from achieving the outcome that you want. To increase your chances of reaching your goals, try getting an accountability partner to remind you every now and then to stay on track.

Get a Coach to Help You Out

Sometimes, we are our very own worst enemy. This gets manifested often during goal-setting and in our pursuit of success. We let ourselves become carried away by various distractions, negative thinking, and a multitude of excuses, which leads only to one thing – zero change and unfulfilled goals. We can counter this by seeking the guidance of a coach.

Coaches often have a systematic way of helping you go through a transformation within a very positive and motivating environment. Apart from simply sharing your goals with somebody, getting a coach to guide you is another viable option.

Automate Your Actions

One of the biggest benefits of living in the digital age is the availability of several apps that are programmed intelligently to intervene in our lifestyle. Of course, you need to set it up and be open to the influx of messages, reminders and notifications that will bug you no end. This is their design and why they can be so effective.

It’s a lot like having a coach except it’s not a human being that you personally know. For a less personal approach to holding you accountable for your goals, you can explore the many ways you could put today’s regular smartphone to work. Automate your daily actions and decisions to help you to reach your goals more easily.

Join a Group or Community

Do not underestimate the power of a supportive, positive, and very motivating community to help you be a step ahead of yourself and to get you to do what you’re supposed to, even the things you don’t like. Belonging to a support group or community that shares the same interest and goal you have will be massively helpful in your journey and goal-setting (and achieving).

If sharing your goal with one person can alter your trajectory towards success, imagine having a group of like-minded individuals support you all the way. Having the right people influence you and your actions could have a dramatic effect and increase your chances of reaching your goals more quickly.