There is a huge difference between doing and deciding. Unfortunately, the concept of taking action is something that many fail to do. Most people have lots of goals they want to achieve in their life, yet they don’t reach many of them because of a lack of action. It’s one thing to decide and another thing to take action. The concept may sound simple, but there is a wide gap between the two in reality.

We may find ourselves paralyzed and unable to make the jump from the decision stage into the action phase. Perhaps it’s because of fear of failure and being judged by others. Maybe our insecurities prevent us from taking the first step. Whatever the reason, the outcome is always the same – we don’t get the progress and the results we want due to inaction.

So how can we start taking action? Let’s begin by developing success habits that can lead you to the path of acting on your goals.

Focus On the Process

We all have an end that we want to achieve. However, if we only focus on getting to the end of the line, the immense path that we need to undertake can be overwhelming. Our fears and anxieties can paralyze us and prevent us from taking action. So instead of fixating on the result, focus on the process instead. If you pay more attention to the process, there is less pressure on you, making it easier to get things done.

Stop Overthinking

Overthinking can lead to ‘analysis paralysis.’ You can become paralyzed by all your options and not even know where to begin to take action. When we overanalyze things, we start to think irrationally. We come up with a host of reasons not to take action. Our insecurities also hold us back, similar to our fears, anxieties, and our never-ending ‘what-ifs.’ Freeing yourself from all these worries can help you to move forward and take action.

Take Small Steps

When taking on or planning an enormous task it is easy to get overwhelmed. Feeling inundated by the things that you need to accomplish can make you feel anxious and prevent taking action. It’s where you just want to bury your head in the sand and hope it’s all resolved or completed when you come out!

One way to overcome that feeling of getting paralyzed by the enormity of your tasks is to start small. Break down the job into smaller, more achievable steps. These smaller steps may seem insignificant in the beginning, or not be achieving the results you are wanting immediately. However, these small steps are still steps towards your goal, and every stride is essential in building your momentum.

Take Responsibility for Your Actions – Be Accountable

Taking responsibility for your actions means holding yourself accountable. When you are in charge of your own journey, you will feel more motivated to take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. There are simple ways in which you can start holding yourself more accountable when trying to reach your goals.

For example, some people like to inform others about a special project that they want to pursue. They do this so others know about their plans, and they will know if there is any progress. They have basically made themselves accountable to these people for their actions or inactions. It will make them feel more inclined to take action, so they don’t appear to have failed in their pursuits.

People who are more discreet like to be accountable to themselves. They may list their goals down on paper. Seeing goals written on paper makes them more concrete and real.

Celebrate Your Wins

We know that to succeed, we need to put in the work, but all work and no play makes any person dull and burnt out. So take breaks and celebrate your accomplishments regardless of how small and insignificant they may be to you.

Whatever it is that makes you relax and be happy, do it if you have a small win. It may be that you love watching Netflix while enjoying a bowl of popcorn or sitting in a corner and reading a good book, whatever it is, do it. You deserved your special time!

This success habit enables you to associate taking action with positive emotions, making it easier for you to continue taking charge of your journey.

Taking action may seem daunting at times but if you genuinely want to make changes happen and achieve your goals, there’s no other way to do it but to make the first step.