How Positive Affirmations can Improve Your Life and WellbeingThe dictionary defines affirmations as, “statements, which affirm something to be true.” In simple terms, positive affirmations are positive phrases, which you repeat to yourself and which describe how you want to be.

The theory of this practice dictates that when you repeat affirmations as if they were already a reality (when they are not) the message seeps deep into the subconscious mind, so you really start to believe them, and eventually they will become your reality. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

At first, you should state the phrase(s) intentionally, to counter any negative thoughts that creep into your mind. Over time, the phrases should occur naturally, without you having to intentionally think about them.

At this point, the phrases become part of your subconscious, part of your very mentality, which has a tremendous effect on your life and wellbeing.

How to Use Positive Affirmations

Select affirmation phrases that are only 4-5 words long so that you won’t forget them. Make them present, positive, and personal.

In staying present, use “I am…” instead of “I will be…”

In staying positive, make sure the phrase is uplifting. Examples could be “I like my artistic side” and “I am successful” and “I love myself.”

Lastly, in staying personal, use phrases whenever possible that directly apply to your unique skills and qualities.

For example, “I paint landscapes beautifully” and “I organize my time well.”

It is best to only pick 1-3 phrases that you can really focus on per day, because you should be repeating the same phrase to yourself repeatedly.

The phrase(s) should be related to anything particular that you are struggling with that day or doubting yourself about. The phrase(s) may not change for days or weeks at a time, until you are able to truly believe them and they become one with your subconscious.

The best time to use the affirmations is when you are not busy with other tasks. Spend 5-10 minutes repeating the phrase(s) to yourself, either mentally or out loud if no one is around you. Do this first thing in the morning and multiple times during the day, as you are able.

Make it a habit to also say them as you are trying to fall asleep. Make sure you are relaxed when you begin. Try taking deep breaths before you start, and concentrate on the words as you are saying them.

Go one-step further and visualize the phrase in your mind as you say it. This helps to integrate the phrase into your subconscious.

How Positive Affirmations Affect Your Wellbeing

Research shows that positive affirmations improve your well-being. Specifically, positive affirmations can do the following things in your life:

  • Build your confidence – As the positive phrases become implanted in your subconscious, you will come to think more highly of yourself and your self-esteem and confidence will grow.
  • Empower you to accomplish your goals – As your confidence grows, you will trust more in your capabilities and be able to successfully reach your goals. The visualization technique previously mentioned helps with this too, because if you envision what your life looks like when you have obtained a specific goal, then it will be easier to motivate yourself to work towards it. One great example of this is weight loss, as studies have shown affirmations to have positive effect on success in people losing weight versus subjects who did not employ the technique.
  • Lead to prosperity – You will find yourself more successful in your career, in your relationships and in your personal life when you live life with a positive mentality.
  • Lead to romance – Whether you have long doubted your abilities to sweep another person off their feet, or you have been in a relationship that you view as mediocre, this will all change with a new attitude. When the positive affirmations change your mentality, which changes your outlook on life, you will have the confidence to sweep someone off of their feet or to re-invigorate your current relationship. You will be a much happier person, and that happiness will flood into your romantic life.
  • Heal your mind and body – Research studies show a strong connection between the mind and body. People with a positive mentality control their stress and blood pressure better and demonstrate a stronger resiliency against disease. They also have effective coping skills when dealing with life’s maladies that make them resilient and well equipped to deal with stressful situations and come out on top, instead of succumbing to the pressure.
  • Can be applied to any Situation – No matter the personal struggle, applicable affirmations can be created and applied.

You can achieve all of these things with positive thinking. It all starts with affirmations that are present, positive and personal. Never underestimate the power of positive words!