You may know you are an introvert because you re-energize when you spend time alone in contemplation. But you may not have realized some of the other personality traits you have thanks to your introversion. Up until recently, many people thought being an introvert was a negative thing. We now better understand that the introverts of the world have much to offer.

Good Judge of Character

Introverts tend to be good judges of character. You have probably noticed your affinity for “vibing out” people who can’t be trusted, for example. This trait may be such a part of an introvert’s personality because they are keen observers and listeners. They can easily read between the lines of what people say and do because of that.

Loyal Friend

Everyone hopes for loyal friends, and you should count introverts among them. Introverts form deep bonds with people. They have little interest in wasting their energy or time by befriending someone they can’t deeply connect with. This naturally leads to introverts having fewer, but more intimate friendships. They don’t give their hearts away freely, so when they become your friend, it’s because you’ve passed their test; you’ll always be able to count on them.

Understand Themselves

All the time alone contemplating gives the introvert a strong sense of who they are. They understand their unique talents, as well as their limitations. This, in many ways, makes life easier for them because when you know the real you, you can be true to yourself.

Good Listeners

Introverts typically listen more than they talk. They enjoy observing others and listening to their ideas and opinions. As an introvert, you may have found yourself on the receiving end of many conversations where people shared deeply and openly with you. This is because you are a good listener when many people aren’t.

Deep Thinkers

Thoughts are what really turn introverts on. They live in their heads much of the time and enjoy analyzing the ways things work and why they work the way they do. They have inquisitive minds and love working out a mental puzzle.

Highly Focused

Are introverts highly focused because of all the time they enjoy alone without distractions or because of their inquisitive minds? Or maybe because they understand themselves and enjoy furthering their natural talents? It’s likely a combination of all of these things. Introverts love losing track of time during a focused session of working on a fascinating project. They don’t enjoy multitasking.