While it’s true that introverts enjoy spending a lot of time alone, they can and do enjoy a good party. They have fun with other people. They just don’t get energized by being around others for an extended amount of time. Introverts may not feel that parties or other social situations are their natural milieu but they can feel more at ease by using these tips when attending a social function.

Take a Power Nap Before the Party

Introverts use a lot of energy when they interact with others. To ensure they enjoy themselves and don’t drain themselves too quickly or easily, they need to be rested before hitting the party. Taking a 30-minute power nap before you go out that evening will revitalize you, so you have the energy to enjoy yourself at the event.

Don’t Plan Much for the Next Day

Since being around people, even when having a great time, is tiring to introverts, it’s important to plan an easy day after a social event. The next day should be spent in solitude if at all possible. This will help you gain your equilibrium and recharge your batteries.

Have a Great Icebreaker Question Ready

Yes, if you are an introvert, you probably just shuddered when you read “icebreaker” because they are the bane of the introvert’s existence. But in this case, you’ll be the one asking the questions, not having to answer. Come up with a unique question that you can ask anyone, like, “What’s the most bizarre thing that’s happened to you recently?”

Trust me, you’ll get some genuinely entertaining answers, and you’ll be amazed how much a stranger will tell you. Based on what they answer, you can add to the conversation or ask a follow-up question to keep the conversation going.

Offer To Do the Dishes

If you are feeling like all the people are getting to you and you need a break, offer to do the dishes or take a short stroll around the block. If these can’t be easily accomplished, there’s always the chance to hide in the bathroom for 10 minutes. The peace and quiet will restore you enough to go back out and be charming for a while longer.

Give Yourself Permission to Have Fun

Remember, just because you are an introvert doesn’t mean you have to be a wallflower! If you chose to attend a social event, there must be a reason, so have fun. Let your hair down and enjoy yourself. You can always spend a quiet day at home alone tomorrow. You never know what interesting or helpful person you might meet.