Think about the various people in your life. Who strikes you as the most open-minded? I find that more often than not it’s children. Kids are the most open-minded beings. That’s because they are constantly learning and constantly have new ideas thrown at them.

Here’s a simple hack you can do to stay just as open-minded as a kid. Emulate them and never stop learning. That’s easily said, but how do you actually put in into action?

There are plenty of opportunities to learn new things all around you. You can start by reading some books or watching documentaries on topics that interest you. If you have a community college or even university in your area, check into their continued learning programs. You might find some great classes to check out.

If you enjoy listening to audiobooks, look into sites like Not only do they have plenty of fiction and nonfiction audio books, they also have “Great Courses” which are series of University lectures that have been recorded.

Another option may be to pick up a new hobby. It’s fun and educational to learn a new skill. Get into gardening, work on your woodworking skills, or pick up knitting. Or how about a painting class?

Let’s not forget your professional life. I’m sure there are all sorts of programs, courses and certifications you can look into that not only help you to constantly learn and keep an open mind, but also get you ahead in what you do for pay.

Learning a new language is another great option. Not only will it help you communicate in a new way, most language courses also teach you quite a bit about the culture of the country or region the language is spoken in. As you start to learn, try to reach out to some native speakers and learn even more about their culture and their day-to-day lives. The internet is making it possible for us to have conversations and make friends with people across the globe.

Speaking of the internet, it is an amazing resource at our fingertips for learning just about anything. YouTube in particular is very helpful when you’re learning a new craft or skill. Check it out and make it a habit to keep on learning.

Here’s your assignment for the next few days:

Pick one new thing you will start to learn this week. It doesn’t matter if it’s a class, a book, a course, a new language or a new hobby. Just pick something and start learning about it.