Do You Need Spiritual Healing?Spiritual healing (sometimes called energy healing) is a journey about self in which you are healed from the non-accepting ways that your life is out of harmony. So many things can throw us out of harmony within ourselves – sickness (whether physical, mental or emotional) is one part of life that wreaks havoc with the abundant, peaceful life we were meant to have.

You can tell if you’re out of balance with yourself by taking a moment to get alone – away from any noise or distractions – and see if there’s turmoil within your heart. You will know if there’s turmoil by the anxiety that causes butterflies in your stomach – that dreaded sense that something is wrong. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything that actually exists – it could be something we’re afraid might come to pass.

Sometimes we have anxieties (worrying thoughts) that can be mental blocks that keep us trapped in a cycle of negativity about life and what happens to us. We compromise in life – we don’t accept the fullness of who we were meant to be.

Instead, we are settling for what is rather than that nagging sense that there’s more – more to us – more to life than the now that we’re living in. However, sometimes that sense is closely related to accepting others’ expectations, others’ plans for our lives.

We’re living what our parents or family members or friends think is what we should be and because of that, we’re not being what we were meant to be. That causes inner discord, that nagging voice inside that tells us that what we are and what we have isn’t who we truly are.

Spiritual healing takes away all that’s in us that’s not meant to be there. It’s a stripping down, a stripping away of all the parts that don’t complete us. It’s realizing the truth about our purpose in this world and reaching for and achieving that purpose.

To be healed, we have to start with inner house cleaning – getting rid of all of the negative thoughts and vibes that have kept us trapped in a cycle of disharmony. Emotions play a huge part in whether we have inner harmony.

Holding on to anger, grudges and yes, even not being able to forgive can create a vortex of inappropriate emotions that keep us tied down and are stronger than any chains. Letting go leads to freedom.

You must address the cause of your hurt, the cause of what you perceive to be as failures and accept what may have been the negativity influencing your life. To do this means you must be completely honest about yourself – you must examine the reasons behind your choices in life. Regardless of what happens, you have the power to make changes – the power to be happy and healed from whatever binds you.

So how do you know if you’re in need of spiritual healing? Do you have emotional pain in your life that still hurts whenever it’s poked by a memory or a phrase or a place? That hurt is in need of healing. Without healing you won’t grow and when you’re not growing, you’re just going through the motions in life. You were meant for more.