If you often follow your intuition, you might feel that you are either gifted or cursed. Sometimes, your gut feeling can come in handy. Other times, you might wish you didn’t have any intuition at all.

It’s when you know the right time to trust your intuition that you can take advantage of it in the best way possible. However, there may be misconceptions and limiting beliefs that can prevent you from harnessing the power of your intuition.

Common Intuition Myths

Let’s take a look at the common myths surrounding intuition:

Only Gifted People Have Intuition

It’s a common myth that intuition is only possessed by people who are considered to be gifted, psychic, or special. While it is true that intuition requires ‘talent’ it is not limited to certain people or cultures.

On the contrary, everyone has intuition, but most people aren’t aware of how it works in their life while others have strengthened it through practice. Your environment or culture may also play a role in how you are able to use your intuition. If yours isn’t supportive, you most likely have to stay silent.

So, intuition is not limited to the gifted. You can develop it, and the more you use it, the more you can come to understand your intuitive capacity.

Women Have Stronger Intuition than Men

Are women more intuitive than men? Not really. Both men and women have intuition.

It’s a common misconception that women have stronger intuition than men because society is more permissive to women practicing and expressing their intuition. They don’t feel held back in displaying their thoughts or feelings as much as men do.

There is a different expectation from men who feel they have to show they are rational, strong, decisive, and realistic. As a result, many men tend to lose touch with their intuition because they don’t practice it.

Regardless of your gender, remember that there’s inner wisdom in you. You have the right to develop your intuition and be selective of the social influences you allow in your life.

Your Intuition is Always Right

No, intuition, as people commonly use it, isn’t always right. Although there is what is called ‘pure intuition’ it is usually difficult to distinguish from your conscious projections because of your current emotions and experiences.

It takes time and lots of experience before you can master your intuitive abilities. Your intuition whether it is right or not can change depending on the situation around you. Your intuitive wisdom may be true right now, but a day or a week later, it may no longer be correct.

In addition, your gut feeling may also not be that accurate if you have health issues. You may experience pseudo messages because of too much indulgence. Therefore, it is important to take care of your health for your intuition to be more accurate and trustworthy.

Intuition Has to Make Sense

Well, not at all. There’s no definite system or formula you can use to say that your intuition is accurate and therefore makes sense.

Often, it doesn’t make sense at all, but your intuition can make you feel that you are right. Again, it takes practice and patience to be able to trust your intuition or understand what it is telling you.

Intuition Comes from the Mind

Intuition is not all in your head. It’s beyond that because your whole being is quite intelligent. It has different systems that allow it to function without you needing to think about it.

The body is full of wonders, some unexplained, which is why no one can explain everything that happens to it. So your intuition comes from what’s called the all-knowing space, the intelligence within the body.

Intuition is Made Up

Intuition is often hard to comprehend, so one common myth is that it is not real. However, no, intuition isn’t made up. If you believe otherwise, it’s limiting you and making a lot of things impossible to happen in your life.

Once you learn to believe and trust your intuition, greater things are possible. You can tap into your subconscious mind that has collected learnings from your past experiences since you were a child.

Intuition is a valuable life tool everyone has, but not all recognize it or know how to use it in their life. When you learn to strengthen your intuition, you can harness its benefits and make better decisions and live your life using this wonderful, exciting life skill.