Have you ever noticed that when you feel happy, you tend to listen to more upbeat songs? They might make you feel loved or lovable, for example. Alternatively, there may be days when you listen to a sad melody, and because of the mood you are in, you break down and cry. Music affects your moods, which is why you can boost your mood with the right music.

“People tend to prefer sad music when they are experiencing a deep interpersonal loss, like the end of a relationship.” – Journal of Consumer Research

The authors of this journal suggested that sad music becomes an alternative for an emphatic friend, someone that truly understands how you are feeling.

There have been many different studies on how music can change our mood and perceptions. One of the studies showed that regularly listening to upbeat music can improve a person’s mood and boost their happiness within two weeks.

Emotional Experiences

Music affects the brain in two ways; as an emotional experience and a physical experience. The reason behind this is a hormone called oxytocin, which is also called the ‘cuddle hormone.’ Aside from oxytocin, dopamine (another ‘happy’ hormone) also increases as we listen to music. It is a specific neurotransmitter that we produce in the brain, and it helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers and boosts our mood.

Happy Memories

Music, or specific songs, can rekindle fond memories. The songs can make us remember past experiences, or more importantly, the feelings associated with them. If there are songs in your past that bring back beautiful memories, play them to boost your mood instantly.

Music Therapy

The American Music Therapy Association says that stress, pain, and loss of memories can be managed with therapy programs based on music.

Music therapy is used to calm, relax, and boost a person’s mood. One study showed how it influenced people who required surgery. Those patients who listened to music before, during, and after their surgery, felt less pain and nervousness, compared to those who didn’t. Of course, their general mood was better than those in the control group who did not use music therapy.

Changing Your Tunes

Have you ever wondered why you are suddenly listening to a different music genre? Music can move us or affect us emotionally. If you have noticed a change in your selection of tunes lately, take a moment to ask yourself what might have changed your choice.

Your emotional state can have a lot to do with your recent change in song choices. Therefore, take the time to take a deep look at yourself and assess your emotions. If you are making unconscious music choices, this can be a guide to your emotional state of mind. It’s a great way to check how you are feeling. Are you suddenly feeling happy and alive, or are you feeling depressed and alone?

If the latter, switch to making conscious choices in your music selection. Stay in tune with your feelings and let the happier vibes heal your mood and mind. It will take a little effort initially, as your mind may gravitate to more morose songs, in keeping with your current mood.

However, a few intentionally chosen uplifting songs will bring you back to a better place emotionally. From there, everything will look, and especially feel better.

You can use music to improve your life and boost your mood!