Even the most introverted introvert must attend social gathers occasionally. Here are some more tips on for introverts to survive – and maybe even enjoy – a party.

Don’t Compare Yourself

This is a good tip for many reasons but is expressly mentioned here because introverts can feel like failed extroverts at parties where they feel out-numbered. You may wish you were an extrovert sometimes, watching the social butterflies enjoying themselves and gracefully moving from one witty conversation to the next.

But remember, there are some great things about being an introvert too. Putting this pressure on yourself will keep you from having a good time. Instead, just enjoy being social in your own way.

Find the Kids

If you are feeling really uncomfortable and can’t make a connection with any of the adults at the party, seek out the kids. You may feel you can be more yourself with them and you are sure to laugh a lot, which will help you relax and have a good time.

Shift Your Focus

Rather than being focused on yourself at a party, consider how you can impact others. Maybe you can provide someone with the name of a great book they would enjoy. Maybe you can collect discarded plates and cups or refill wine glasses. It’s amazing how shifting the focus off of yourself can make you feel less self-conscious so you can have fun.

Stand By the Food

This is a great way to meet different people naturally. They will ask you questions and discuss your common anchor – the food. Then when you find someone who you’d like to talk to further, you can make a suggestion of eating together so you can talk. It’s a way to mingle without moving through the throngs that will help you locate another introvert to have a deep conversation with.

Push Out of Your Comfort Zone

Moving out of your comfort zone can net major benefits. You may just meet the person who has the power to offer you your dream job for example. Or maybe you’ll meet your soulmate. Don’t regret neglecting to talk to someone because you couldn’t work up the courage. It’s good for all of us to push outside of our comfort zones sometimes.

Honor Your Introverted Self

Just be yourself is the best advice we can give to an introvert who is attending a social function. Loosen up and have fun. You may be an introvert, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a wallflower. Trust yourself to be brilliant and then have fun. And if you start feeling overwhelmed, put your exit strategy in place.