The attitude that a person has is based on their thought patterns and linked with emotions. It can be displayed as actions.

Negative attitudes often have a foundation of resentfulness at their core. This resentment can be caused by a person’s point of view of themselves, of other people or toward life in general.

If you struggle with negative attitudes, you’ll want to deal with it as soon as possible.

There are numerous studies that have linked negative attitudes toward health problems, job performance and relationship struggles.

When you become stuck in a negative attitude, it can keep you imprisoned and lead to anxiety and depression.

You can set yourself free from any kind of negative attitude by practicing mindfulness. The key to defeating negativity is to stop fueling the thought patterns that fed into it from the beginning.

The more you allow your thought patterns to center on negative things, the more ingrained within you a negative attitude will become and it will be your default response.

Mindfulness can bring you a positive attitude along with peace and joy. When you practice it, what mindfulness does is to help you realize what your negative attitude patterns are.

An attitude is not a single occurrence. It’s something that’s developed with layer upon layer of negativity and this usually begins with your thoughts. Negative thoughts are a direct result of your emotions.

Your emotions can become a direct result of your thoughts. The two are tightly connected. Mindfulness will help you to be able to see the negative thoughts that are creating negative attitudes.

You’ll learn how to deal with these thoughts when they do enter into your mind so that you’re not dwelling on them. When you have a negative attitude, it’s often too caused by anxiety.

You’re worrying about what has happened in the past or what come your way in the future. You struggle to believe that good things can occur in your life. This kind of negative thought pattern becomes a negative attitude and you learn not to expect anything good.

This is the kind of self-defeating attitude that mindfulness can help you to overcome. When you get trapped by a negative attitude, you don’t just view the world around you through cynicism and negativity, but you see yourself that way too.

You’ll turn on the inner critic you have and you’ll constantly rehash what you see as your flaws. You’ll drag into the forefront of your thoughts all the mistakes you’ve made in the past and all the mistakes you believe you’re going to make in the future.

This feeds into feelings of low self-esteem which then feeds the negative attitude. Mindfulness teaches you how to break this feeding frenzy by focusing on what’s good and what’s true in the present moment. It allows you to set yourself free from any past regrets and any future expectations and simply live in the now.