If you’re someone who doesn’t worry too much about the migrant invasion, it’s time to start – especially if you’re not prepared. Take a look at Greece, Germany or even Paris if you don’t know what all the fuss is about.

More than 100,000 migrants made their way to Greece and as a result of this overwhelming surge of people, the economic system there is in deeper trouble. As Greece is still desperately fighting to keep from having to declare bankruptcy, this migrant invasion has further drained its resources.

The struggle is being felt by the people who live in Greece. This is a battle of survival when there’s too many people and not enough resources. The migrant invasion is hitting all of Europe.

And if you think that this invasion is something that’s happening primarily in other countries, you would be wrong. The migrant invasion is global. Thanks to traffickers and people desperate to escape their own countries, migrants are invading the United States.

Some in the United States think we can handle the current migrant invasion, but that fact is easily proven by the amount of migrants currently swelling the population numbers and straining our own resources.

There are people who believe it’s not wrong for migrants to invade a country if they’re seeking to leave theirs because of war and poverty and persecution. But the problem is that the problems they’re leaving behind are the ones that will be created in whatever place they run to.

Look again at Greece. It’s struggling even more so financially and resources are dwindling. Some countries are grappling with the problem of trying to teach male migrants not to disrespect women and sexually harass them.

The exact same thing is going to take place in the United States or anywhere else the migrant invasion continues. Countries are simply not prepared to deal with the crisis. That means that you have to be able to deal with it.

You must be prepared financially to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Start by making sure you’re completely self-reliant. Don’t have any debt. Make sure that you pay cash for what you need.

What you need should be items that you can’t grow or produce yourself. Set up a system so that you have a self-sustaining garden that will continue to produce. Build a system that will ensure you have water if the government run systems fail.

It’s always better to get completely off the grid for all of your needs. Set aside stockpiles of food and medicine. If you’re somewhere that’s a haven for migrants, it’s only a matter for time before that area is hurting for food and other supplies.

Make sure you and your family are heavily armed in case you’re put in physical danger by the migrant invasion. The time to prepare for the coming invasion isn’t in the future. It’s right now.