As you went through your teen years, it seemed like adults were always telling you “enjoy it while you can.” The funny thing was they would never tell you what ‘it’ was.

It wasn’t until you left home and went out on your own that ‘it’ slapped you right in the face and you realized that ‘it’ stood for being young and worry and stress free.

It is something that weighs heavy on you every single day of your life regardless of your personal or financial situation.

How do you deal with stress and worry?

One of the best ways is to meditate several times a day. Here are some of the best times of day to meditate and the benefits you get from doing it at that time of day.

Morning Meditation

Do you want to try something that is proven to give you more of a morning jolt than coffee can; then practice meditation after you first wake up in the morning? It will do much more than just keep you awake.

What is the main benefit of morning meditation? Experts say it is the best way to help you focus on what is important for you to be doing during your day. This includes your work and your other daily priorities. Meditation will help you filter out the unwanted and trivial thoughts that are using up your precious concentration.

Increased focus is not the only benefit of morning meditation either. There is evidence to suggest it will invigorate you for the day and even make up a little for some of that lost sleep. If you are a man, it may even help you some in your sex life if you meditate as part of a daily morning routine. With your stress level lowered, it will also make you more personable and approachable too.

In general, a morning mediation ritual allows you to set up your day for wellness, focus, calmness, and general well being.

Afternoon Meditation

No matter how long you meditated in the morning that stress and worry may once again start to build back up during your day as you face deadlines at your work, weigh out personal decisions you need to make and as you react to other unexpected happenings that come up during the day.

Afternoon meditation helps to reset your body and once again fight these effects of stress. This will help you approach the evening with renewed focus and energy.

Meditating in the afternoon will also help your mind’s transition into evening mode. It will help to keep you from bringing your work thoughts into the evening so you can concentrate on relaxing, your personal side of life, and other things that you enjoy. Think of your afternoon meditation as a way to put up an invisible boundary between your work and personal life. You will simply be amazed at what meditating can do for your evening state of mind and your quality of life.

Pre-Sleep Meditation

It is important not to confuse pre-sleep meditation with being a method to help you get to sleep easier, even though that might be a helpful side benefit from it for sure. Most experts suggest that you don’t make your pre-sleep meditation the last thing you do before getting into bed.

What benefits do you get from meditating before sleeping?

Most people reflect on their poor sleep with comments such as, “I had too much on my mind” or “I couldn’t stop thinking about XXXX.”

Just as meditation helps you focus mentally in the morning it will also help you focus and put things into perspective before going to bed at night too.

Nighttime meditation can also help calm you. This will help you fight off the effects of such things as depression, anxiety and other forms of mental distress that are only compounded when you don’t sleep well.

One of the best things about meditation is it teaches your body non-resistance, “go with the flow,” so to speak. Don’t let sounds disturb you but absorb them and make them a part of your meditation and if sleep does happen to come while meditating then don’t fight it and let it happen.

Different Types of Meditation

As you get more and more into meditating you will realize that there are different forms of meditation. The type of meditation you practice in the morning to rev you up for your daily activities may not be the type of meditation you want to do just before sleep to help you unwind and relax. Therefore, you will have to read and learn about the different types of meditation there are, try them out and then determine which type works best for you at the different times of day you meditate.

Final Thoughts

If any of this information sounds good to you then try meditation if you are not already doing it. You may just be surprised at how much a few minutes of meditation in the morning, afternoon and before sleeping can benefit you overall.