Do It for Fun

Since lifelong learning isn’t graded or scored, there’s no need to make it hard or boring. You can chose whatever piques your fancy right now and learn about it or learn how to do it.

It’s not like in school when you had to learn what others told you to learn. So be creative. Go outside your comfort zone.

If you are worried you won’t be good at the new skill you are attempting, don’t tell anyone you are trying it. Then surprise them with a new beautiful scarf after you learn to knit, for example.


Expand Your Idea of Learning

Most of us are stuck in the mindset that learning means sitting in a hard, uncomfortable chair in a stuffy classroom listening to a boring teacher lecture in a dry monotone. But true learning doesn’t work that way. Learning happens all the time, even though we don’t realize it.

You could learn about new locations by going on a road trip. You could learn a new skill by reading blog posts and watching videos. You could take up a new hobby or listen to audiobooks while driving to work each day. Even playing games can be educational.


Who says you have to do something foreign to learn? How about spending time being creative? Most of us wish we had more time to be creative anyway. Time spent drawing, crafting or playing the piano is quality self-care time. It allows us to get to know ourselves better and appreciate the talents and abilities we didn’t even know we had! Simply put, time creating is time learning.

Learn in Different Ways

There are different types of learning styles, and just because you are no longer in school doesn’t mean that you still don’t learn best in certain ways. You might be an auditory learner, visual learner or a kinesthetic learner. No matter–there are ways to learn whatever you are interested in by using the different tools available.

Try listening to podcasts or audiobooks, read or watch videos and learn new skills that are hands on. You can learn more about anything by using the tools that work best for you.

Apply What You Learn

Once you have read, listened and watched, make sure you put what you learn into action. For instance, don’t just learn about car maintainable, start changing your own oil and spark plugs. Don’t just read about yoga–start doing it. The way we truly learn is by doing.