How Long Does It Take for The Law of Attraction to Work?The answer to this question – as long as necessary.

This is a very tough question to answer. We live in a world of microwaves, Wi-Fi, text messages, fast food, etc. Everybody wants things fast and they want it now. This is no different when they apply the law of attraction.

People assume that just because they’ve been visualizing for two or three days they can see miracles overnight. When they don’t see the results come fast enough, they call the law of attraction a bunch of hype and hippie stuff.

They stop doing the visualization and the affirmations. They let life run its course and they live it like spectators. Nothing ever changes for them and they don’t expect it to either. They may moan and complain and fret but they’ll not give the law of attraction time to work.

There is no predicting how long it may take for the law of attraction to make your dreams come true. It could be a couple of days, a couple of months or even several years. Do you have the faith to persist even when your dreams take a long time to materialize?

Some dreams are so big and wonderful that the laws of the universe need to align several things in place before they become reality. Your job is to keep visualizing and believing that you already have what you desire. You’ll then need to take action and work towards your goal.

If you desire a sports car, make sure you have a driving license. If you don’t, then go get one and this will be a signal to your subconscious mind that you are getting ready to get the car.

Buy some small car air-freshener or subscribe to a car magazine that will teach you how to care for the care you’re about to buy. All these are little steps that is getting you ready for the car that is about to materialize.

Imagine driving it around daily. Where will you go? Who will you give a ride to? What color will the car be? Where will you pump it full of gas?

All these details should be crystal clear in your mind. Once you know as much as you can about your dream, you need to have faith and let go. You can’t force the law of attraction to speed up. You must release your desire to the law for it to be fulfilled.

This is actually a contradiction because many people are so attached to their desires. They can’t bring themselves to release and relax. This is what delays most requests and desires.

The inability to let go and believe that your wishes are already being carried out will impede the law of attraction. You want things to come fast? Visualize, believe and relax. It will come.

Do not feel depressed or discouraged if you do not see it come fast enough. You should be focused on what actions you can take to help make your dream a reality. You want to be working together with the law of attraction like it’s a relationship with a business partner and both of you are striving for the same goal.

This is not a master and servant relationship where you tell the law to get you want you want and you lean back and expect it to come with zero effort on your part. It’ll not work that way. You will be required to take action and when you do so, the results will come much faster.

Always remember that a man who masters patience, masters everything else.