While it is true that life has its ups and downs this doesn’t mean that you can’t live a healthy and happy lifestyle. When emergencies crop up you just need to learn to deal with them as well as you can. You then get back on with leading your life as you were.

No-one wants to be putting their health in jeopardy and we all know that we only have one life. So, it is important to live your life while being as healthy and happy as you can.

To be happy you need to be in good health and to have good health you need to take specific actions each and every day.

The specific steps you need to take on a daily basis to become healthy and happy are actually very simple. The hardest part is actually implementing them on a regular basis.

Step One – Your Diet

The first step you want to do is to improve your overall health. This can be done in two ways. The first one is to start paying attention to the foods you are eating. Remember that the foods you eat affect the performance of your body. This includes both mentally and physically.

You should always eat a good breakfast and if you don’t have time for breakfast at home pack something to take with you. This could be a protein bar or a homemade muffin with a low fat yogurt and a piece of fruit. By fueling your body in the morning your brain will be more alert and you will have the energy to make it to lunch time without feeling tired.

Many people just do not eat enough healthy protein and by increasing just this one thing you can increase your energy levels. Try to include protein at each meal. Have an egg for breakfast, some low fat ham or chicken for lunch and for dinner try to eat at least 4oz of protein.

Start eating more helpings of fruits and vegetables with every meal. Fruits are great for snacking on and for filling the gap until your next meal.

Step Two – Exercise

By including some form of exercise into your life you will feel happier and look fitter. Exercises increases your endorphin levels which in turn make you feel good about yourself. Start off my including about 20 minutes of activity into your life three to five times a week.