Sometimes the life we planned isn’t always the one we end up with. The best laid plans become a struggle that you didn’t see coming and you find yourself living on the cusp of the life you always wanted, never quite fulfilling the dream.

But, plans falling through aren’t always negative. You may have missed going to medical school because you fell in love, had a baby right away and didn’t have to funds to complete school. Or, perhaps you dreamed of becoming an astronaut just as NASA cut its space program.

Even though you might not have gone to medical school, you did find the love of your life and have a child who is likely the apple of your eye. The dream of being an astronaut was difficult to let go, but hopefully, you found fulfillment in another career.

For some, plans falling through may seem like an act of betrayal by the world. They hold on to the old dreams and regret that their plans never reached fruition. The present, no matter how wonderful and fulfilling it might be, might never result in complete happiness – unless you can let go of that old, planned life and embrace what you have now.

It may not be possible for you to go to medical school or become an astronaut, but there are changes you can make that will leave you fulfilled and happy with what life has given you.

At this point in your life, figure out what you can do to bring joy and happiness into the life you have now and it will be easier to let go of the old dreams and wishes.

Begin by listing everything you are grateful for right now. It may be your health, children, a comfortable and entertaining lifestyle or any number of things that have brought you happiness.

After you decide what you’re grateful for and what possibilities might be available for you now, set goals and take actions that will spur you on toward those possibilities.

If you have always wanted to be an artist, take an art class. Volunteering at a hospital can give you lots of satisfaction if you’ve always wanted to work and be near medical happenings.

The life you planned might not be possible at this time in your life, but the world is full of possibilities that can fulfill you and make life worth living. Look to the past fondly, but let go of it if it’s holding you back.

Remember that nothing good has ever happened unless something else was given up.