The ‘law of attraction’ might sound like something to do with dating but actually it is nothing of the sort.

Rather, the law of attraction refers to a basic ‘fact of life’ and specifically, the fact that ‘like attracts like’. This is to say that as you act, so others will act toward you. And as you collect, so you will attract more of the same.

The most commonly used example of this is in our careers. If you act like someone who is very important by dressing that way, behaving that way and really believing it to be true: then actually you will end up becoming more important within your organization and attracting more opportunities for progression and responsibility.

So how does this work? This isn’t some wishy-washy advice about positive thinking but rather a simple and logical process that takes place.

Because when you really believe yourself to be important and successful, it will instantly change the way you present yourself. You will dress like someone who is more confident, you will stand with more confidence and you will express yourself with more authority (and at more opportunities!). What’s more, is that you will take more chances and positive risks because you believe yourself to be in a better position.

When you do all this, you will start to attract more positive attention. People will start to see you as a risk taker, a leader and someone who is confident and capable in your career. As a result, you will instantly find yourself being offered more important tasks, leading more important decisions and being deferred to by others who are looking for guidance. This won’t go unnoticed and you will progress in your career.

The same thing of course goes for dating. When you believe yourself to be attractive, confident and a ‘catch’, then you will approach more members of the opposite sex and you will come across as more confident when you do. Together, these factors will make you instantly more appealing to any potential partners and you will find you have much better luck. In short, believing that you are a hit with the ladies or the men, will make you a hit with the ladies or the men!

This is why the power of belief is so important and it’s one more reason that changing your mindset can change your life.