Kundalini YogaThe word Kundalini (pronounced CUNH-dah-LEE-KNEE) means coiled. It refers to two things. The first is a form of vital life energy thought to be coiled around the base of the spine like a snake. The second meaning is that of your inner potential.

By moving the Kundalini energy, you can transform your life in whatever direction/s you choose. your full potential.

Kundalini yoga may not be as old or as famous as Hatha yoga, but it still has a 1,600 year tradition of helping people revitalize body, mind and spirit.

The word yoga means union, the union of all three. Yoga is one of the cornerstones of traditional Indian (Ayurvedic) medicine.

So too are the chakras, energy centers in the body which Kundalini yoga helps you tap into. The word chakra means wheel. There are 7 chakras, each with their own color and location, spinning from front to back in what is called your subtle body or energy body.

If a surgeon cut you open, they would see your organs, not chakras, but they are present in your energy body and keeping them in balance is one of the secrets to Ayurvedic health and healing.

Kundalini yoga focuses on balancing the chakras and awakening your power within through physical movement and mental improvement. It gives a whole body workout, and the meditations, mantra and chanting balance the energy in all 7 chakras.

The chakra energy can also be harnessed for particular reasons, such as to lose weight, boost your immune system, or open up your heart chakra to improve your relationships and boost your prosperity.

Kundalini yoga is ideal for beginners because there are no levels and it is low impact. If you can sit on the floor, stand, or lie down, you can do Kundalini yoga. The poses, or asanas, are put into sets, or kreeyas (CREE-yahs), designed to achieve particular goals

Some of the kriyas can be effective in as few as 3 minutes, making this an ideal yoga for people on the go, Some poses might be held for 30 seconds, others for 31 minutes.

Therefore, Kundalini can make you incredibly strong very quickly, plus increase your concentration and focus.

The most distinctive aspects are Kundalini the special breath work, Breath of Fire, used to awaken the energy and move it upwards along the spine. It also gives the abs a great workout, and the chanting.

If you’re feeling unfit, or want to achieve your best self, it’s time to look for Kundalini DVDs and classes near you.