The concept of inner strength affecting out outer beauty is like a vicious cycle. Without outer beauty, we feel like we have very little inner strength. And without inner strength, it’s hard to have outer beauty.

A person’s confidence can greatly affect another person’s perception of them. Even a physically beautiful woman can be looked at differently if she doesn’t believe in herself. Likewise, a physically imperfect person can win us over with their confident attitude and outlook.

Once Upon a Time You Believed You Were Beautiful

What happened to that little girl who didn’t nitpick herself in the mirror? The one who wasn’t concerned with how big her waist was or whether or not her nose had the right shape?

Your inner beauty as a child knew no boundaries. It was unstoppable. As you grew up, you opened the door to allow influences to weaken your inner strength and confidence. Magazine layouts, peers, and perceptions of what was perfect and what wasn’t invaded your thoughts.

Somewhere along the line you began trying to fix yourself. You wanted to conform to that perfect perception, and when you couldn’t, you stuck a big label on yourself that described you as faulty.

No one else can hand you back a clean slate where you believe you’re enough – beautiful enough, thin enough, young enough, etc. It has to be rebuilt from within – you have to start taking back control over those thoughts.

Use Your Power to Fix What You Can Control

No one is perfect, and sometimes yes – there are things you will want to, or even should, make better about your outer self. But only if you say it should be fixed and you’re not relying on the opinions of others.

Some things you can control. If you hate how much you weigh, then you can control that with proper nutrition and exercise. If you nitpick your wrinkles, then you can adopt a better skincare regimen and drink more water to reduce fine lines.

If you feel slovenly and lazy, then you can get up each morning and tap into your inner strength to make things better for yourself. You can make small changes day by day that add up to a whole new you if you want to.

The key in using your inner strength to improve your outer beauty is to be proud of who you are right in this moment. Be proud that you read this and looked for a way to better yourself because many people just don’t care.

As you start to define yourself according to what you’re capable of – according to your inner strength supplies – you’ll notice that your outer beauty automatically takes a turn for the better because you feel empowered and strong – and you’ll take care of yourself more to reflect that mindset.