If you want to build a stronger relationship with the people you value in your life, there is one practice you can do, and that is to make a habit of expressing gratitude. Practicing gratitude is effective in improving your mental well-being and physical health, but it is also important for establishing better connections with others.

Important Reasons for Expressing Gratitude

Here are some important reasons why expressing gratitude and appreciation to the people you care about can improve your relationships with them.

Gratitude Enhances Happiness

When you practice gratitude, it can make you happier and more satisfied in life. It helps reduce your anxiety and stress. You find more meaning in what you do, which also leads to being kind to the people around you.

If you specifically tell others that you appreciate them and thank them for the things they do for you, it boosts their happiness too. They will be more likely to reciprocate your kindness by showing they love and care for you because they know they are appreciated.

Showing Gratitude Shows You Care

Expressing gratitude toward others shows that you care about them. It is a way to let them feel your affection, which brings you closer to each other. It makes you more loving and caring to your partners and more considerate and generous to your friends.

Being grateful for the other person reciprocates care and kindness in your relationships.

Gratitude Can Ease Your Negative Feelings

Focusing on gratitude can help ease negative emotions such as resentment and help you control your anger. It can alleviate relationship strains and help you overcome difficulties when things are not going well between you.

Gratitude reminds you of the bigger picture. Challenges are temporary, and one mistake or shortcoming does not define the other person in the relationship. Focusing on the things you appreciate can mend things and make room for discovering the positive aspects of your relationships.

Gratitude Promotes Good Response

As you would have heard, what goes around comes around. What you give, you will receive. When you express gratitude, such as by saying ‘thank you,’ you promote a good response from that person. Perhaps they will smile and say something nice in return.

It also prompts you to initiate good action. As you give and take, it deepens the relationship and makes it more meaningful to both of you.

How Can You Use Gratitude to Strengthen Your Relationships?

While you can be thankful for the people around you, you need to be expressive about your feelings if you want to improve your relationships. There are several ways you can practice gratitude and deepen your connections.

Make Saying ‘Thank You’ A Habit

You can show your appreciation to others by saying thank you more often, no matter how small the act is. You can also make it extra special by being more explicit about why you are thankful. Don’t just say thanks, say what you are thankful for.

Check In On Your Friends and Family Members

You might be living independently from your family, or you may have friends you barely see these days. Let them know you care about them and value them by checking in on them once in a while.

Send them a simple text message to ask how they are doing, or give them a quick call to say that you miss them. Not only will it make them happy, but it will boost your happiness too. Expressing your gratitude allows you to focus on positive things and ease your mind from negative thoughts.

Write Them an Appreciation Letter or Card

Did someone go out of their way to make you happy or take care of you? Or are just feeling the need to express how you feel about someone? You can express your gratitude by writing them an appreciation letter, or sending them a card. Tell them how much their efforts mean to you and that you value your relationships. It does not have to be long. Your letter can be a quick note with your thanks, or you can even send one online.

Spend Time with Them

Sometimes we get too busy to hang out with the people we love. You may not have spent much quality time with your spouse or children either, even though you all live in the same house! Show your gratitude by making time for them and spending quality moments with them, if you want to build or keep a strong relationship with them. It is also important that you say thank them for spending their time with you. Time is priceless and precious, so make as many moments as you can, count.

Gratitude can help improve your relationship with your significant other, family, friends, and colleagues. Take a moment to appreciate the people around you, and whenever possible, let them know how much you value them.