If you’re looking for ways to embrace you imperfections so that you become positively empowered by the mistakes that you make, look no further. The following are two important keys that will allow you to embrace your humanity for your betterment and for the betterment of those around you.

Remember, perfection is an illusion. Imperfection is our common heritage and it can be the source of our greatest power.


What is the hidden gift of imperfection? Where does its power lie? Many people would answer these questions by saying that imperfections are weaknesses and weaknesses are flaws that can do nothing but harm us.

They would also say that because imperfections are weaknesses they have no power, unless it is the negative power inherent in harm.

Both of these responses are typical of people locked in the chase for perfection. Because they essentially worship an unattainable ideal, they spend great amounts of time and energy in the futile attempt to avoid mistakes. Humans are prone to error, not perfection.

Therefore, when these people make the inevitable mistake they are so ashamed of it that they try and cover the mistake up. They refuse to honestly talk about the behavior that led to the mistake. This means that they learn nothing from it and, as a result, will repeat the behavior that led to the mistake – sometimes time and time again.

When you embrace your imperfections, you understand that chasing perfection is a fool’s errand. You understand what a waste of time and energy it is. You realize that the human heritage is made up of behaviors that cause error.

However, you don’t stop there. You also realize that the human heritage is also a history of learning from those errors and correcting the behaviors that caused them.

Somewhat ironically, the process of growth is contingent on falling down and getting back up. Positive change can only come from the realization that negative behaviors cause negative results. This realization helps pinpoint the behaviors in question so that they can be changed.

The result is nothing more than learning from your mistakes. It is how we grow as human beings. It is how we have always grown as human beings. It is how our species has grown and it is how we have, so far, survived and thrived.

Learning is the hidden gift of imperfection. It is the reason why embracing imperfection is so essential for personal growth.