Being happy and satisfied with your life is a fantastic place to be in. If you feel as though this is you, have you thought about how you could brighten up someone else’s day? A small act of kindness can easily put a smile on the face of a stranger in more ways than you might think.

We are talking small acts here, which might include things like helping a senior pack her groceries into her car. Opening the door for a disabled person or letting a mom with a crying baby through the checkout ahead of you.

Helping others can do a lot for increasing your own self-respect and self-confidence. It just makes you feel plain good to help out another person. Even if you aren’t one hundred percent satisfied with your own life, helping others can help you get one step closer to achieving this.

Another way to show how grateful you are for the things you have in your life is by volunteering your time to help others. You can do this by helping out at a child’s sporting event, helping out a charity, serving in your local soup kitchen or taking dogs for walk at your local animal shelter.

When you help others out without being asked you become happier and feel more fulfilled in life. Those people around you tend to view you in a different light. They will start seeing you as a giving person, someone who thinks about others more than they think about their own interests.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a nice gesture, such as someone holding the door for you? Notice how it makes you feel as though you want to return the favor to someone else, almost immediately. It’s true, one act of kindness is often the starting point for more actions.

The same applies if you were to ask someone for help and then refuse. You are less likely to ask them again, and if they were to ask for your help, you would want to refuse. Keep this in mind the next time you see a situation where you can help someone.

Showing your appreciation can be done in several ways and this includes extending your hands to strangers in times of need. So how about helping out locally this year when you can? It will show everyone around you just how grateful you are to be part of the community.