If you want the type of meditation where an expert (live person or recording) guides you throughout the session then go for guided meditation.

Here are some techniques that you can try if you are a beginner:

1 – Make it a point to make meditation a part of your schedule no matter how busy you are.

Meditation is not something that you just randomly do if you want to reap its full benefits. Setting 10 minutes aside from your daily schedule shouldn’t be so difficult. Allocate a space in your home or office where you can sit peacefully at the same time each day. This space should be free of clutter.

2 – Defocus your eyes by looking at 2 areas ahead of you to each side.

Listen to the guided medication recording as it tells you what to do to clear your mind. Take 5 deep breaths- inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. On the 5th exhalation, close your eyes. Take a minute to settle into your body and focus on your posture. Feel the sensations where your body touches the chair and the weight of your hands resting on your legs. Open up your senses by noticing anything you can smell, hear or taste. Observe any discomfort and other sensations you are feeling at the moment.

3 – As you listen to the guide, focus gently on your thoughts and underlying mood. Now pause for half a minute and ask yourself why you are sitting here today.

Recognize your expectations or desires and slowly let them go. Go on by telling yourself that there is nothing you are supposed to do right now and your only job is to sit throughout the session. Allow everything to unfold in its own time.

4 – Once you’ve let go of your desires, focus on your breathing.

Observe the rising and falling sensation of your breathing patterns and notice where the sensations occur. Notice the quality of each breath. Now start counting your breaths silently- 1 as you breathe in, 2 as you breathe out and so on (up to 10) then start again at 1. While doing this, it’s important not to let your mind wander to other things.

5 – Before you finish the session, notice every sensation you feel.

Slowly open your eyes and plan what you are going to do next like get ready for work or make a cup of tea. If you find yourself being stressed out during the day, just try to remember what it felt like when you were in a peaceful state of mind.