What is Guided Meditation Imagery?Guided meditation imagery allows you to enter into a deep state of relaxation through a series of vivid visualizations (video or audio script). These visualizations are meant to give you positive changes in both your mind and body.

This type of meditation is often used for stress relief, healing and personal development. Guided meditation imagery encourages you to deal with whatever issues you are going through in a calming way.

Because of the premise of the guide, you will essentially experience an induced dreaming or daydreaming. Your subconscious is actually expressing itself while you are awake.

Unlike traditional meditation which focuses on the mind, imagery aims to engage your imagination and subconscious. If you do regular sessions of meditation imagery, you will enhance the flow of positive energy in your life.

The visuals are supposed to help you find a deeper spiritual connection so you can unleash your full potential and achieve whatever goals you may have. They are also a means for your mind to communicate and connect deeply with your body. Whenever you think of an unpleasant event, do you notice how your body reacts negatively to that specific idea?

The opposite happens when you imagine fond memories- you feel more positive. The mind is such a powerful tool and every person has the ability to conjure images in their heads. We often daydream about our life aspirations but the thing is, these mental wanderings are not as powerful and focused as meditation imagery.

This is due to the fact that our regular mental activity is fairly undirected. Many of us do not really focus on one idea long enough. With imagery, you take the natural process of visualization further through the images towards your goals.

During your session, it’s important not to allow yourself to be stressed about something because this will attract negative energy. Let the meditation take over and once you are able to do this, your mind and body will follow through.

Every set of imagery has a wide variety of scripts so it’s hard to predict where your mind will take you during a session.

Your guide may ask you if there is a particular image that helps you relax- it could be the beach or rainforest. They will then lead you through a number of prompts that will help you visualize the environment you want to be in.

Guided meditation imagery will put your mind in a calm state and this can have a huge impact on your body. What’s great about this type of meditation is that it has no possible damaging effects since you are only using your mind and imagination in a creative way.

If you are stressed about work, family life or your relationships, guided meditation imagery can definitely help.