Having a goal or a purpose can make everything easier. When you know what it is you want to achieve and when you know what it is you want to accomplish, life just gets that much more simple.

The problem is that many of us don’t have a passion or a calling. Many of us can’t say in one word what it is that we want to be or become.

And when you don’t have a goal, that means that you don’t have a destination. And when there’s no destination, you can’t possibly take the best and smartest route to reach that point.

Consider a friend of mine. When we were at University, he decided in the second year that he wanted to become a pilot. At that point, everything fell into place for him as he knew precisely what he had to do.

He started working harder on his degree because he knew the grades he’d need. He dropped the courses that transpired not to help with his plans. And he started training for the tests that would be involved.

Then he left, took out a loan and began learning to become a pilot. He landed a job (no pun intended) and moved to the area where he needed to be for that airline.

Today he absolutely loves life. He is living his dream and his calling. He glows with happiness, he’s wealthy and he’s constantly showing me YouTube videos of pilots.

Now let’s consider another friend who didn’t know what she wanted to do. She left Uni and landed a job in data entry but only after umming and ahhing for a long time.

She didn’t love the job and in fact it became quite a toxic environment due to some unpleasant colleagues. Eventually she quit and ended up moving back home to discover her true calling.

She’s on the right path. Because now she knows that success and happiness don’t come from luck or happenstance. They come from knowing what you want. Because how else can you get out there and get it?

And once you have your passion and your goal in mind, every decision becomes easier – because now you have a lens through which to view those decisions.

The simple question you now need to ask every time you make a decision like this is: does it help me to achieve live my passion and fulfill my goals?