Many times, breaking a rule can boost your self-esteem and make you a stronger person. Society’s rules were put in place for a reason, but some of those reasons may not be valid anymore and if you don’t break them, you could stagnate in the mire they create.

Brilliant ideas may never reach the light of day if a person won’t break a rule to make it happen. When your values and the best interests of your company and loved ones are at stake, breaking a rule may give you the boost you need to make things happen.

Past rules that you’ve had to follow may be the reason you have low self-esteem and feel incompetent in everything you do. For example, if you were taught to never ask for help, you may have experienced failure in many things you tried.

Fear of being laughed at or showing someone you’re incompetent can keep you glued to an old rule that should be broken. The old rule of not asking for help can severely hold you back from all you could have accomplished.

It’s never wrong to ask for help. Most people are happy to lend a helping hand if asked and even admire you for asking for the help. Anyone who does laugh at or ridicule you for asking a question isn’t really worthy of your time and efforts.

Many times you may have developed your own rules or thought processes which are detrimental to achieving success and happiness. These rules and assumptions could be as simple as expecting certain behaviors of yourself.

You may expect that you will be friendly to everyone – especially in a social situation of your peers or loved ones. But, if someone in the group disrespects you or your values, breaking the rule of friendliness and speaking up for yourself may be a step you will want to take.

When you stand up for yourself, you are inadvertently boosting your strength as a person and your self-esteem. You have many roles to play in life – child, spouse, employee, friend and parent. As you progress in these roles, you’ll come across rules that act as a crossroad of which life path you want to take.

If you adhere to some rules, you will lose self-esteem and compromise your value system. Breaking some of these old rules of society and thinking can help you grow as a person and realize the success you desire.